December 20, 2010

On Anniversary and Little One..

Today marks the second year of our marriage. I cant believe how time flies and we've reach the 2nd year milestone together as husband and wife. It seems like just yesterday we were walking , holding hands in front of people on our wedding day,with those pinkish dress and baju melayu... mrgreen I'm grateful to Allah for the blessings that He showers us along the way of our marriage...

We usually exchange gifts on the anniversary. He already bought me an early anniversary pressie like 3 weeks ago but I haven't get anything for him yet. Petang ni sajelah..or instead just wait for another 2 months or less and I'll present him the little one that still growing inside me (if God willing)...wink Ok that's not fair...

Talking about the little one in the bump, i notice I haven't talk much about this stuff on the blog. Shall put a new label for this one, pregnancy2, so it doesn't mix up with my first pregnancy memories with lil angel. I'm heading my 31st weeks this week, so last Saturday we decided to have our first detail 3D/4D scan at the clinic. 3D/4D ultrasound will definitely give a much clearer picture than standard 2D ultrasound...and plus it comes with photos and videos in a CD. But it depends on the amniotic fluid volume. The plenty of fluid u have, the clearer and better shots u get.The sonographer did every detail scan, from head to toe and Alhamdulillah everything is fine. We had a hard time to have a peek on his/her full face since the baby kept closing the face with his/her arms. Like this:

dont disturb me..i'm trying to sleep okayy... (see,both hands covering the face)

The sonographer asked me to turn my body to the other side for better view while hubby urged me to poke and shake the tummy so the baby will move his/her hands. But he/she was pretty much asleep most of the time and just move his/her hands once in a while.The more we moved him/her around, the more he/she covered the face.

ok..i put one hand down now..

So I can conclude that he/she is one shy baby then..or maybe because of a plate of nasi lemak that I ate just before the scanning that makes the baby feels so comfortable sleeping in his/her own little world..biggrin

We have been confirmed about the baby's gender, but will not reveal it just yet but all i can say that shopping is going to be a whole new world of fun now despite of having all the baby stuffs during the first

In the meantime i will always keep the positive vibe in me and praying for the well-being of the baby until the arrival in 2 months time..Insya-Allah..

November 29, 2010


It's been a while since I watched movies in cinema. I think the last was Avatar-3D. So last weekend hubby and I decided to catch up some movies. On friday, after work, we went to watch Rapunzel-Tangled in 3D at 101 Mall since 3D is not available in Alamanda. Rapunzel is about a girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. She's a princess stolen from her parents' castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. I'm sure all of u know this fairy-tale. All I can say Rapunzel was so good, I couldn't bear to miss every second of it even though I felt I wanna go to toilet really badly (the baby keeps pushing my bladder which increase the needs to pee) but managed to held it though. The movie was much funnier than I expected, it was worth every ringgit especially when u watch it in 3D on the couple seat..hehe and you can't go wrong with this one..lots of magic, adventure, humour, great disney songs, and yeah lots of hair too... The voice of Rapunzel was done by Mandy Moore and for the hero, Flynn Rider was done by Zachary Levi ( the actor in Chuck). From what I read before, it is the most expensive animated film as to date. Go

with the cast of Rapunzel. Just ignore the fat bump, it just for temporary period only, I was slimmer than Rapunzel before...;p

We went for a movie as well yesterday..yup, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I've been a HP fan since I read the first book so this movie was the one I was looking for the whole week. Still remember during uni years I could stand in the long queue just to get the copies of HP book at Kinokuniya and was chirping when I got the free wand wink . I think generally it is the most faithful adaptation of HP series although there are some details that are not included. It's not poorly done like the third movies and even u're not following the books or the first six movies the main plot picks up quickly so u start to understand what's happening. I didn't re-read Deathly Hallows prior to seeing the movie ( no time to do so) so there was a lot that I'd forgotten, but I feel like I was able to approach the story with fresh eyes. I can definitely say that this movie is by far my favorite movie except on the snake part, it looks so real i just shut my eyes. The plot is quite dark and the characters getting matured so there’s a lot of intense and sad fight scenes especially when poor Dobby died..

A smart idea when they decided to make this final book into two separate movies but maybe its better this way, coz if they trash everything in just one movie, so many things would be left out. I just don't one HP to end so soon. Anyway, cant wait for the second part to come out though the wait seems interminable, but I know that the time will fly by.

All n all both movies are worth a watch least for me..mrgreen

November 22, 2010

Cow, Crab and Hamster...

Just got back from the clinic for the check-up routine and the office seems so quiet and peaceful. I guess some of the staffs are still on leave for Hari Raya Korban. 5 days of short break (yes,short) still not enough, spent 3 days at parent in law's house and the balance at my parent's house. I did not able to celebrate it last year since the Eid fell exactly a day after i delivered my little angel and u can guess how gloomy my Eid was.

Oh yes speaking of Hari Raya Korban it was a special one since this time around me and hubby contributed and joined the Korban. After performing the eid prayer and listening to the khutbah about the history of qurban, we waited at the mosque to witness our cow to be slaughtered. Ours was the first, so i managed to witness the qurban event and tried not to get disturbed especially to pity the cow during the slaughtering process. When the cow was about to be sacrified, my mom in law grabbed my hand and asked me to touch the cow and niat “This is my Korban”. Oh well it was quite an experience since it was the first time I touched a cow and saw it up close and personal being sacrificed..hehe. Too bad I didnt bring a camera to capture the whole event.

Alhamdulillah, the Korban went well and hope it will be accepted as we try to get closer to Him. I guess sacrifice is beautiful as it is not only about giving and being unselfish, its about being grateful for what we have.

So I had a pretty relaxed Eid, eating, seeing hubby did the beef cutting, playing Saidina with in laws and yes, like other people our days were full with beefy affairs, ate n ate the beef until I couldn't handle it anymore. We bought 3 kilos of crabbies to my parent's house in order to neutralise the taste buds..

And now, I wonder what to do with the rest of the meat in the fridge..

Talking about sacrifice, I guess this baby also went sacrificing himself..

This is Summer, my sis hamster. He went missing from the cage few days ago and nowhere to be found despite the searching efforts done by the family members . Wherever u're Summer, I hope u rest in peace wink... pic from my sis blog.

November 13, 2010

Let's change it...

I don't have the mood to update the blog lately..So u know what i do everytime I need something to boost the mood a bit? Yups by changing the blog's layout...haha...So at least this colourful template might lift up my interest on blogging again. Too pink?? Nah, who cares..!! ;p What i like about this new layout is the animated header- the so-called gediks girl who keeps kissing her wedding photo..haha...(no, i dont do that in real life ;p)

Credit to acurose for this one..go check her blog and yups, just like her blog title, she really gonna make your day..:)

And again, i'll be missing the previous template, but definitely will use it again next time...

October 26, 2010

Tag-Fave song of all time..

I have such a long list of my fave songs and as tagged by Lily in her blog, I list out 10 favourite songs of all time as far as I can recall..banyak sebenarnya..

1. Kiss me ( Sixpence Non The Richer)-this reminds me of my fave teenage time film.. "She's All That" starring Freddie Prinze Jr and Rachael Leigh Cook..

2. 25 Minutes-Micheal Learns To Rock- the most depressive song ever..*sob*

3. I will Be- Avril Lavigne ( I love this version of Avril Lavigne compared to Leona Lewis)

4. Take A Bow- Rihanna -love the sarcastic lyric that i guess dedicated to Chris Brown

5. Stay The Same-Joey McIntyre- his first debut after NKOTB- what an inspiring song

6. Celine Dion - Because You Love Me

7. The Day We Find Love-911- remember the band during high school, Lee was such a cutie..;p

8. You And Me- Lifehouse- love,love this song

9. When You're Gone- Avril Lavigne- again..I was such a BIG fan of Avril Lavigne during uni time. Got her cassette collections and her posters hanging on the wall, i miss those times..;p

10. Making Memories of Us-Keith Urban-just love his husky voice and this sweet song ...;D

Those are part of my favourite songs of all time and I hardly listen to music nowadays..Recently, during the first trimester of my pregnancy, hubby bought an ipod Classic..No it's not for me, it's for the baby..He downloaded the whole Quranic verses and want the baby to listen to it since the wife had a hard time to recite the Quran all the time..redface and of cos any "lagho" song is restricted.

there..the headphone stucks around the belly..

October 18, 2010


I realised that ever since I started blogging, I don't put watermark on any of my personal pics. I think watermark can ruin an image. But lately i found out there are some irresponsible people who actually "steal" my personal pic from this blog even the cow's pic from my previous post..Seriously.. I don't want to disclose which blog and so on ..I'm not a hardcore or loyal blogger since i blogged about personal life whenever i want to, but somehow I think that having a stats is good since it's not only to trace visitors to your blog but also it can tell who has clicked or downloaded pictures from your this ( the red circle are my bandung trip's pics..):

Why watermark? Watermark is a great way to discourage people from copying photos that you may have on a website. While still allowing the image to be seen, most people will probably not want the picture as it is with the watermark on it. Creating a watermark and placing it on photos that you plan to post on the web will identify them as your own work and discourage people from copying them or claiming them as their own.


Oh well, though i think by watermarking my pics will "disturb" the pic, but yeah, reluctantly, I've to do it. Just concern that the pics from this blog will be use for bad purposes or intentions. So in the future u'll see all my pics kinda "disturbing" cos i'll be using this watermark,hehe..
For those who has personal pic in your blog, i think it's about time to watermark it.. just to create some

September 21, 2010

Syawal 2010...

Raya mood still on and all around lorr..I still hate the fact that loong raya break is over and now back to normal routine. Pretending to ignore the piling work! Shesh.sad

This raya it's my turn to celebrate the first day of raya at my hometown. Last year was at hubby's. So i had the chance to taste mom's cooking especially lemang with rendang and kuah kacang. There are my favourites...tho we don't have any real ketupat in the house since none of the family members know how to anyam ketupat, just good in preparing the express ketupat Nona . (Itupun hangus 33 packs pada malam raya since semua orang sibuk main bunga api kat luar or isi duit dalam sampul sampai tak de sape yang tengokkan air yang dah kering!. The result, beli yang lain and rebus balik.huhu) By the way, still managed to taste the real ketupat when we got back to in law's house the second day of raya coz my father in law is good at anyam the ketupat.

We are blessed because my parents and parents in law's house takes only about 1 hour and a half journey away, so going back to PIL's house on the second day of raya and returned to my parent's house on the fifth of raya then to PIL's again on the seventh day like a nomad was not a big hassle.except poor hubby had to do the driving while i was just enjoying my beauty sleep in the car. (hey, i just figure out that i spent more extra days at PIL's house ! tak aci ni!!..)

on the way balik kampung- lembu pun nak beraya...

So my raya was pretty routine, visiting relatives in kampung, testing and commenting the taste of kuih raya in every houses visits, giving duit raya to siblings and smaller cousins, loading the tummy with glorious food and etc. The different is, starting this year we adding another new routine- visiting our baby's grave. We went there only on the third day of raya since the graveyard situated nearby my PIL's house. I noticed there were another two new small graves besides my baby's grave and mom in law said my baby now has new friends. Yups.He got some new companions to play with. I'm hoping that he doesn't forget this mama that carried him for a good 9 months because she always misses him and think about him a lot. Ok, enough talking about my baby before I get too emotional and sentimental.

Many have asked when i want to do my open house, well the answer is my house always open and feel free to come if u want to taste the kuih raya kering only. Hehe...mrgreen

Syawal is still around so it's never too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin from the bottom of my heart..wink

September 02, 2010

Ramadhan 22..

pics from Brotherhood Arts

We have almost reached the end of Ramadhan, Subhanallah...and yesterday on 22nd of Ramadhan hubby has already paid the zakat at Masjid Putrajaya... it easy nowadays rite because the zakat counters open almost everywhere be it in mosques, shopping malls and even in bazaars. So no excuse for not paying zakat aite. have u do your part?

Just a few days before Ramadhan close its curtain (sigh) and this is such a precious opportunity to focus and upgrade our ibadah to the max..hehe..a reminder for self actually..I know praying Tarawikh have never felt more beautiful than having to do it at the mosque almost every single day but I just perform my congregational tarawikh prayers at home with hubby. Sometimes I tend to get dizzy and nausea standing for the long prayers in surau especially if the imam recite the longer verses of Quran. yeah excuses,excuses, but seriously I'm a tad shy to perform prayer sitting at any surau mainly because I think I look all healthy.confused

For this year, we don't really spend money and go to bazaar Ramadhan so often and guess that's a good thing because usually the food will end up in the trash. Since we' are leaving KL next week for balik kampung, so towards the end of this week I just dig in whatever we have in the fridge and try to finish all the left raw stuffs. Like yesterday we just had this for iftar..

1. ikan bawal sweet sour
2.sayur kangkung belacan
3. telur dadar with cheese and sausage ?? (hubby cooked this but it still edible mrgreen)
4. 2 karipap goreng segera

see, no bazar ramadhan will try to finish the fresh chicken in the fridge, perhaps simple nasi ayam will do..wink

What about this weekend..hmm..iftar at MIL's house of

August 12, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

How's your fasting today..Mine Alhamdulillah and so far it's not a big deal for me except I just can't wait to snooze in the office everytime the clock strikes 1 pm. That's the time my stomach will grumble and the mind will automatically thinking about food. Not sure whether it's from me or the extra thingy inside the tummy..heh. Honestly I'm truthfully thankful since this year I'll have the opportunity to fast during the whole 30 days of Ramadhan again, hopefully without a miss..Insya-Allah.

I'm hoping that I can embrace all the challenges during this Holy Month, and one of them is cooking for buka puasa. Deciding what to cook (plus for sahur too!) is the other challenging stuff since I have a very limited knowledge in terms of food recipes. teet.. like this morning for sahur we only ate roti arab together with canned chicken curry (forgot the brand, but with the Chef Wan's face on the label..heh).mrgreen How rajin is that. But trust me for this month I'm trying to cook as frequent as i can and minimise buka puasa outside (give a pat on the I believe the food we eat or cook at home is healthier than the outside food rite..Say no to Ajinomoto..tibe je.

Still not too late to wish everyone out there a Happy Ramadhan. May Allah rewards us with His mercy and forgiveness during this special month..Ameen..

Kurangkan Juadah Banyakkan Ibadah ok..wink

"Whoever breaks fasting of Ramadhan without having a legitimate excuse or being ill, he cannot make up for that day, even if he undertakes a perpetual fast.”[Al-Bukhaari]

August 03, 2010

Count your age with friends but not with years...

Had such a fabulous weekend. Managed to squeeze in some time to hang out with my uni friends which I haven’t met for ages instead of going to the lame office bowling tournament in Alamanda on the same day. I'm good at giving reasonable excuses and it was counted by the way. Never like bowling since I always have the competency to throw the ball down the drain i.e. tak pandai main pon.. back to meeting with the girls, I think last time I met these bunch of girls was at Lily’s wedding last year and to suffice that long period, she already got a baby..really, how long is that…

Zaza’s getting married somewhere in September and after a thorough and long discussions on FB, we decided to throw her a surprise bachelorette party at Mid Valley..Had a fun makan2 and chitchat at Delicious and to sum up the small gatherings we went for some sing -your -lungs-out session. hehe. It's nice to meet old friends that u knew since matric and catch things up. Don't know when I can meet u girls again..

Just to keep this blog alive I post this..;) Thanx girls for the time.. Hida, yr chocs are undeniably delicious.

Good friends are like stars..You don't always see them, but you know they are always there...

July 06, 2010

Be thankful..;)

Sorry for the long hiatus blog, n just realised I havent post anything since last May. Oops. Last weekend memang masa dipenuhi dengan aktiviti bersama rakan dan keluarga. Sham, my colleague, invite ke birthday party nya yang ke -29. Apakehal kau Sham dah tuo2 buat birthday party lagi..kata saya dlm hatije..hehe..Mula2 agak berbelah bagi sebab pada hari yang sama ada juga kenduri schoolmate di Pahang. Tapi Sham cakap Birthday ni birthday yang special n mintak sangat close friends hadir. Sham turns 30 tahun next year so she wants her last 20 something birthday to be something that she'll remember throughout her life. Sham plan nak celebrate birthdaynya dengan anak-anak yatim di Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Subang Jaya.(RACTAR). Sham kata this is her effort from her heart. Memang niat nak jamu anak-anak yatim tu makan.I salute u Sham.

Mengenangkan hasrat hati Sham yang suci murni dan tak nak mengecewakan Sham, saya pon setuju. Lagi satu permintaan Sham supaya pakai warna hijau masa birthday nya n terpaksalah saya memakai my least favourite colour itu, n hubby pon sporting..kalau kau buat kaler pink lagi bagos Sham..Another friend Aida cakap, kalau kita usap kepala 40 anak yatim ada berkatnya.So memang ada plan di hati jugakla nak pergi usap kepala anak-anak yatim kat situ..;p Ok here are some photos of the celebration:

Kalau tengok anak-anak yatim di RACTAR ni, Sham kata they have very low self- esteem or level of confidence. Obviously. Memang nampak kegembiraan dorang bila diraikan dengan food, kek dan gula-gula. Bila tengok less-fortunate kids ni ada rasa insaf sebab dorang kena berdikari hidup kat sini tanpa supports from family especially parents.

Tapi one thing for sure, after the visit, I start to feel thankful and appreciate of what I have everyday in my life. Tapi saya lupa pulak pesanan Aida nak usap kepala anak-anak yatim tu. hehe.
Baru prasan penggunaan bahasa rojak dlm entry ini. Abaikan..probably hormon sedang bertukar. I sense the existence of little peanut again in the tummy..hohoho..

May 27, 2010

Live your life with no regret...

Wrap up for this month..hehe..

Huaa, time flies when you’re so occupied with just about everything you can think of. I even barely have limited time to update this personal blog since I also owned another active blogshop that requires u to commit to it every single day...phew2..what blogshop??nah... Just doing it for fun for the past beginning of the year, like some people say live what u love..But I am grateful I have a very supportive husband (tq!) who's willing to help especially on doing the posting stuff to the post office, sending me off to pick new stocks from the supplier n etc..but with one condition...treat him to a nice place to eat..hehe, piece of cake, no problemoo..Lol.

Lately my office, read, (*my boss*) is getting nonsense. Instead of the clerk's job to open and close the office, from day one the department exist over umpteenth years ago, now we the officers have to do the same thing in rotation. So now we have a duty roaster who will open the office in the morning and close the office in the evening. vice versa. I mean that's the surprise u get when u work in the govt office.haha.Think my boss is trying to be FAIR and JUSTICE to everyone in the office and that made the clerks 'naik lemak'. Who knows after this the cleaner will complain about her job too and the officers have to do the cleaner's work as well...haha..amboi3x..

I had my hair cut, trimmed and some hair treatment for 3 hours at one salon nearby my house without knowing the person who cut my hair was a sissy or transvestite until 'he' told me so..haha.. trust me 'he' didn't act like one. But when I showed 'him' to my husband the other day, hubby said, "mmg nampak sgt pondan, org laki kenal org laki"..oh ye ke..haha. ε-(´・`) フ

Quite a number of friends have started asking me when I want to get pregnant again. I reserve that particular question first..U think having a baby is as easy as putting the coins into the vending machine and wallah the stuff come out from the machine in a second. Not a rilex2 la dulu..

I'm smiling knowing tomorrow (friday) is a public holiday...going back to my beloved hometown and attend some kenduri kawin.. mrgreen

May 10, 2010


My sis in law gave birth to a cute baby boy, last weekend! We all rushed to Pusat Perubatan Az-Zahra, Bangi to see baby UMAR!! so my parents in law naik pangkat to datuk n datin eh nop, datuk n nenek,,;) ( i wonder if my baby could make it to the world alive, they already grandparents at the first place..heheh..)
fresh from oven..;p Umar at his few hours to the world..

He was born a day b4 Mother's Day..perfect...oh Happy Mother's day to all super mommies in the world..^0^

April 06, 2010

Pindah randah...

Life has been pretty busy-bee and tiring for the past week since recently, we just moved from our apartment at Precint 9 to the double storey terrace house at Precint 14. When the person from BPH (Bhgn Pengurusan Hartanah Putrajaya) called and offered me the house, i just said ok without any fuss since the rental price is still the same... and plus we don't have to use elevator to level 13 anymore and the considerate part is that the house is super near to our office, Alamanda and....Mydin? Hahhaha...mydin depan rumahje.. And we can accept the company of both sides of our family at the same time. Before this susah sikit sebab bilik ada 3 je...tehehehe...That means more furniture to buy and hubby said that perhaps we can pet a cat (maybe the cutie one that doesn't sh*t in the house).rolleyes

All our stuff have been moved to the house on Saturday. The best thing is my family came over to lend a hand including my only nephew little Muaz while we went to Nilai for curtain hunting. Luckily the curtains for the whole house can be done within 3 hours, very express and simple ones!. We even celebrated Muaz and my dad's birthday that night.
Anyway, we are starting to get settled and the house is starting to feel like home even there are so many things to do, like re-organizing and unpacking stuffs,clothes, etc. I think it takes a week to unpack my clothes only..banyaknyee..Somehow i felt a bit sad leaving the apartment, though we moved only a few precint away, it is still our first house as a married couple. All the sweet n sour memories and my wifely duty I did here. yikes, cheezy..razz

All n all we really want to own a house. But still clueless about the ideal location...

Surprisingly i got some emails from the fellow readers who googled about bandung n stumbled upon this blog. They found my previous crap about bandung trip interesting n informative n asking some infos about it especially on the shopping part + Retanata homestay.It made me laugh since I don't think people would read it n found it seriously, interesting? Ha-ha..But thanx guys for the emails, glad that I can help u with some basic infos based on my experience .. Enjoy your trip and don't get conned by the sellers...wink

And apparently hubby is so fond into business kain, he ordered some more kain from the supplier in Bandung. He said target for hari raya...ohh... ok chayok!...

Alahai sudah rindu sama ini budak..Muaz!

Muaz @ Precint 14

March 12, 2010

Bandung trip...

I want to speak Indon for this entry but i know only few in Malay or rojak sajelah..So just bear with it..;)'s the summary of our trip. Quite long actually.mrgreen

Bertolak lebih kurang 8.30pm ke Bandung dan sampai lebih kurang pukul 11 lebih camtulah. Memang prefer tak ikut mana2 pakej sebab boleh suka hati berjalan ikut jadual sendiri. Sampai je kat airport Bandung terus amik 2 buah teksi ke Retanata Homestay. Homestay ni macam Japanese cottage style. Sangat nice and kawasannya nyaman sekali. Ada dua bilik besar dan ruang tamu.Lebih kurang macam nilah bentuknya...

Esoknya di Bandung we all decide nak jalan2 dulu sekitar Jalan Hegarbudhi yang memang dekat sangat dengan our place. Area situ memang berderet factory outlets. Pagi2 lagi after breakfast dah menapak ke beberapa factory outlets(F.O) and memang 'gila lah' tgk baju2 branded lagi murah yang ada kat situ... eek . F.O yang ada macam Rumah Mode, Mode Plus, Natural, Sisters dan lain-lain, tak blh recall nama dah. Among brands yang ada macam Guess, Zara, Burberry, Hugo, Ralph Lauren, Dockers, Tommy Hillfiger, Armani, Calvin Klein, Mark n Spencer etc, etc, can't list all, too long..Harganya cuma ratusan ribu saja tapi dalam rupiah la, hehe...Then we all gi makan2 kat Restoran Garuda sebelum meneruskan perjalanan naik angkot2 ke Jalan Cihampelas dan Jalan Riau and start balik shopping di beberapa factory outlet kat ctu macam Cascade, Heritage, The Summit sampai malam n singgah makan di Restoran Saripawon yang sedap....

The next day shopping diteruskan ke Pasar Baru. Pasar Baru is a must-visit - all sorts of embroidered clothes, batik, scarves, accessories, telekung, kain name it. And kat cni terus jadi jakun sekejap sebab tak tahan tengok stuff2 yang cantek2 bangat. With 7 floors filled with great stuff, we spent the whole day there. Kalau ikutkan hati nak beli telekung sulam2 tu banyak2, one for each prayer time My hubby terus beli satu kodi kain kurung dan kebaya sulam. Lebih 20 pasang kot, nak jual kat ofis katanya.Apa-apalah labu.. Lalu saya pun menumpang beberapa pasang kain untuk diri sendiri ke dalam kad kredit beliau...;p Seharian menghabiskan masa di pasar Baru sampai semua kedai kat ctu nak tutup, nak balik, tapi bayang2 my parent in law pun tak nmpak lagi sebab sakan bershopping.

The next day, we all siap2 ke Tangkuban Perahu. Kawasan volcano and memang destinasi wajib pergi la kiranya kalau ke Bandung. Perjalanan ambik masa dalam 45 minit from Bandung and we all pergi dengan pak supir by van. Kawasan volcano memang cantik dan sejuk. From gunung, menapak sejauh lebih kurang 2 km ke Kawah Domas, hot spring area yang panas. Tangkuban Perahu memang indah dan best, cuma yang tak bestnya bila diikut oleh annoying souvenirs sellers yang merayu2 beli souvenirs dorang yang mahalnya berganda2 dari yang ada di bandar Bandung mad. Balik singgah jap di Jalan Cibaduyut dan Jalan Cibadak sebab my sis in law nak cari door gift for her wedding. Malamnya me, hubby dan sis in law menapak dan meredah hujan ke Rumah Mode sebab tak puas lagi bershopping kat situ.biggrin

Then keesokan harinya sebab tak puas berjalan ke Pasar Baru walaupun dah spent satu hari, we all pegi lagi skali ke Pasar baru. Konon final shopping la sebelum balik esoknya. Hajatnya nak beli barang sikitje kali ni tapi memang tershopping over lagi skali.Kalini beli kain cotton and batik serta telekung untuk diri sendiri lagi.hehe...Kalau tak terkenangkan luggage yang akan over weight nanti, pastinya akan menambah beberapa koleksi kain sulam dan kebaya even my mom in law dah pksa2 suruh habiskan je wang rupiah yang berbaki dlm purse..razz

Esoknya fly back to KL...

6 hari di Bandung memang best sebagai tmpat shopping dan makan2 except bandarnya terlalu macet (sesak) dengan kawasan yang agak kotor. Ramai beggars termasuk kanak2 dan remaja yang akan ikut kita sampai ke dalam angkot2. Biasanya dorang ni akan main gitar dan menyanyi untuk kita dalam angkot2 tu sambil minta duit. Perkataan yang kelakar saya penah dengar ialah bila seat belt dipanggil sebagai sabuk pengaman. What the..??

I'm sooo thankful to be Malaysian ..wink

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