December 31, 2008

New year,new life..

New year is approaching again. I can describe 2008 as the most memorable year of my life. Its unpredictable, unforgettable..Its full of surprises.The first part of the year..I was once a lawyer who used to do litigation and my daily routine to courts, suddenly change my job and become a government officer in Putrajaya. And its not in my 2008 planner.

~And the biggest transformation that happened to me is that my status tremendously changed this year...I'm married!!I never thought of it before and its completely not in my 2008 calendar, plus i can't never imagine of getting married (which i initially considered early before) by the end of the year. Oh briefly about the wedding. Words can't describe the happiness and contentment that I felt on that day despite of the cold feet and nervous feeling before the wedding. 20th December 2008 when everyone was busy buzzing about Mawi's wedding, I am officially wedded to my schoolmate who finally open my heart to settle down. I am proud of him because he uttered the lafaz akad in a single shot and also he voluntarily and willingly wear pink on that particular day though its a no-no colour for him. I wore a pink dress which I "don't fancy so much" (the design is not up to my expectation and doesn't compatible with the price) sorry to say though its from B.C designer. 4 days before the wedding and before going back to Pahang I only able to see the whole dress and try it, can u imagine. huhuh.. It comes with not so long train at the back (which i intent to cut it off before but i didn't), and still need someone to hold it for me because of the difficulty to walk properly and the victim was my bridesmaid, Zaty.

~Overall, it was a simple wedding but yet personally memorable. I'm glad the hectic is finally over.I would like to thank everyone who've been struggling in preparing everything form the start until the end of the wedding.Thanks to friends who turned up on that day and to my husband's side the following day, also to those who not able to come but still have time to share thoughts by sending wishes thru sms, calls,e-mails and blogs. Really really appreciate it. My deepest apology for any shortcomings during the kenduri and sorry for not being able to spend sufficient time with all of you..

~People say marriage is easy, maintaining it is where the challenge lies, please pray for our happiness and blessings thru out our lives..^-^

~Salam Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year everyone!! May your day ahead filled with prosperous, successful and loving moments with your loved ones...

December 01, 2008

Monday Mundane..

Note: craps not worth reading..;)

~Just got back from Cameron Highlands last Saturday. Attended the 4 days 'inspection' course is so tiring since the weather was gloomy and rainy every single day .Dunno whether because of my age or other factors but I found that Cameron is not exciting as it was during my last trip here back in 1999. Unlucky me,I bought packets of strawberries but had to throw all of 'em away coz they only last for 4 days.. And the roses..? Forget about the roses. Most florists I met on the cool land told me they can last for 5 years (serious..) coz the special chemical they put to it but it begin to droop in 5 days. Lesson No 1: U can trust the florists that your flowers can last for 5 years, but only if u stay in Cameron for 5 years. They still fresh in cool air. Lesson No 2: Don't buy strawberries if u not intent to eat it within 4 days. Ok, whatever..

pweety roses in cameron..unfortunately they won't last longer..

~ Yesterday went to the closing of Batik Bazaar in PWTC with Aida. I already ignore the tiredness of traveling back to KL the day before when it comes to 'shopping'. I'm not a big fan of batik but since we have to wear batik every Thursday so need to add some batik stuff in my closet.Bumped into Pak Lah with his Mrs Jane.Hehe. Spent the afternoon, squeezing into the small crowds from one stall to another.Went crazy about those selection of batik materials with average and affordable price but had to limit my purchase when Aida gave me the reminding look that there's other important stuff to shop i.e. hantaran. Ending up, I found myself and Aida at Sogo with a few bags in our hands.

hi Pak Lah! (waving)

~ Before this I’d been keeping a mental note of things I’ve loved at weddings and things that I didn’t like. Whether it’s food choices, decor or colors, timing of the day’s activities,my dream wedding will be based on things I’ve seen work well from weddings I’ve attended in the past. That's my personal, general thought before.But when time getting closer, I rather think that those thoughts are not really relevant anymore. I just want things to be done simple because the inside feeling to finish everything quick and fast is more overwhelming.No headache.But people say u have to enjoy everything from the preparation until the wedding because that is only once in a lifetime experience..really..hmm.. Enough craps, I wish I can have more time to indulge myself crapping in here again. I'm craving and wishing for more time to meet life's expectation. After all maybe the limited time given has a wisdom behind it. God knows best..

Till then..daa..

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