July 21, 2011

On snacks you'd love to try...

A little update so the blog doesn't turn dusty. I've to attend three days conference at PICC presented by the people from the World Bank which is definitely not my stuff. Very international, very economics, with data,statistics and maths. Erk. Thank God today is the last day and I guess my brain already went stale. (*_*)..

I need a happy snacks to keep me sane.

Sis in law just returned from S'pore and came knocking at the door at 1 o'clock this morning to pass this...

A bag full of Caramel Crisp Garrett popcorn that everyone was fussing about..razz

Still fresh. Just can't stop popping 'em into your mouth. Sweet luscious caramelized and crispy...

Like Oprah said, it's the best popcorn on the planet! LOL.

There you go, my pre-Ramadhan post...wink

July 06, 2011

Sham's Party..

My colleague a.k.a bestmate, Sham turns ancient recently. 30 is seriously a freaky number. I thought last year's birthday celebration is enough, this year she did it again...Last Sunday she hosted her birthday party again at RACTAR. The theme was orange and white. It was a chill, laugh and eat weekend we forgot the next day is Monday. A day of small and simple joys with the orphans, friends, husband and little Hana tagged along..

with the bday girl..

2 moms, 1 single lady and a newly wed...girls always be girls-_-

Sham's holding the youngest orphan at RACTAR. Poor baby, she's only 5 month old..

Thank God Hana wasn't cranky at all despite the hot weather...

I wanted to give Sham this mug customized by Kak Emi as a little birthday present at the first place...

Unfortunately due to the careless handling by Pos Laju, it didn't come intact and I had to cancel it! Was so frustrated and so did Kak Emi. She did blog about it here.

And now I owe her another present and scratching my head on what to give her.sad

July 01, 2011


Our big boss or should I say the most powerful person in the office was leaving yesterday. Before joining our department, she already retired and eventually got offered to be the Director General for another good 3 years on contract basis. Frankly, this is the least favourite person in the office, you know, boss will always be boss. Being bossy all around, shouting, throwing tantrums and so on. Whenever anyone of us gets scolded in her room or during meetings, we were just making fun out of it and never took anything to heart because she is the boss and she's old, we must respect the elder she did what the boss should do. The weather will be gloomy when she’s around and the moment she entered the office will go silent. Nah ,I lied. She’s strict and firm with the staff and there times we were annoyed by her antics, but at the end, she would be the person that we look up to for advice regarding work and sometimes on personal matters.

We used to count the day when she’ll be leaving the office for good. And the day somehow arrived yesterday. So the office threw her a surprise farewell. I’m not sure whether this is a farewell party or literally a party to “celebrate” her departure because the meeting room suddenly was full of blue and white balloons.

the least we cld do is to wear blue and white for the farewell..;p

sorry for the face 'pixelating'.

My jaw dropped when she mentioned her plan after retiring. She's going to do chambering. I mean seriously, at 59 years old??!! She must be kidding. She'll be the 'bossiest' chambee student ever..haha. But there’s no limit in learning and I hope she’ll finish it until called to the Bar.

New big boss coming in and it’s time to test the water. I hate this part.I can smell death, need my life jacket then.Duh. The rest can wait but let's just enjoy the weekend first...

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