November 27, 2006

Saturday Sauna...

Saturday always used to be my favourite day but not when it demanding me to go to office in the morning on this day. So here comes the taboo for me which will appear 2-3 times in a month--working on Saturday.I hate Saturday especially when I cant go back to my hometown, forcing myself to stay in this polluted city (a friend called it concrete jungle) and plus, I have to sit in front of the computer finishing my unfinished business. But thank God this week, me and a friend purposely registered our name in this 'potentially boring' law seminar on Saturday morning so we can construct a very smart and reasonable excuse for not being able to go to office on that day. And the reason was surely convincing enough. A very brilliant idea from Syitah.Haha.. (wink wink)

So we went to the seminar at KL Bar. The talk was presented by a lawyer Mr Michael Soo. Well, a pretty interesting topic I can say, about practical aspects of registration and intellectual property rights, trademarks and bla... bla. However, I must admit that everytime I went to the seminar like this,no matter how hard I tried and how interesting the discussion was, I could only listen attentively for about less than an hour, and the rest... either daydreaming or falling half asleep..huhu.. Fuhgedabouidit.

Actually, we have decided earlier to go for a sauna at the Traders Hotel in the afternoon. Mind you, it was a free sauna, since Lorraine's bro stayed in the hotel; we dont have to pay a single cent unless you want to try the spa. The Traders Hotel is just about 10 minutes walking from KLCC, so off we went there. It was raining lightly when we reached at the sauna room and such a perfect time to have a peace of mind. The room was small, cozy and warm and after changing, 3 of us shoved ourselves inside. We sat in there trying to relinquish everything that blocking our mind; the pressure in court yesterday seemed to fade away from my mind, relaxing, whiles the room getting warmer and hotter. Our faces went flushed and we were sweating quite fast bcoz of the high temperature of the room and it made me feel healthier, honestly.( u sweat a lot like u've been circling around the school field 10 times but the different is you're not that tired). We sat in there for quite sometimes and get out of the room before we got steamed inside. I believe u should give a try as well.

After 'lepaking' in Lorraine's room, we went to KLCC again and since the year end sale is not here yet so no use for window shopping when u have limited RM in your pocket, I spent time with Moja sitting behind the bookshelves reading inspirational and motivational books at Kinokuniya for hours (trust me I am not a bookworm type and not that boring person..haha). I returned home at nite with smile stapled to my face thinking that at least today my working day was not as boring as I thought it would be. A bunch thanx to u girls:

Syitah- at least I don't have to sit in the seminar alone.
Lorraine- thanks for inviting me to that sauna-really had a great time
Moja- Nice to know u. I don't know u love cats and inspirational books too ..hehe

Have I told u that the skies are perfectly blue and the fluffy clouds are like white swans floating in the sky? No more haze.yay! \(^_^)/

Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it- Danny Kaye

November 23, 2006

A time to kill ...

A friend at court asked me:

Cindy: Do u have boyfriend?

Me: (laugh) Haha..a lot

Cindy:No laa not that boy-friends..I mean a boyfriend..a very special one.

Me: At this have one..u?

Cindy: No, i dun have one either. Haiya, nowadays it's difficult to trust a guy la.They not really sincere in a relationship. Double faces. Its hard to find a guy who love u as who u are not what u are. Talking from the experience (chuckles)

Me: Uh-huh..maybe,but not all like that i think. Maybe u still not found the right one yet. You never know.

Cindy: True.Maybe laa. Hey, have u ever heard of ying and yang?

Me: Ying and yang..hmm..I heard that often in kung fu movies, but dont know what the hell is that.(Laugh)

Cindy:You know.. Ancient Chinese scholars believe that there are two forces in our universe.Ying and Yang.Ying represents the female and Yang represents the male. Both must be in balance.Like in a relationship, the chemistry should exist between two persons; they should complement each other. So the relationship will last longer.

Me: Oh like that eh. But as Muslims we do believe in jodoh. God has decided one for us before we were born. When the jodoh arrives, that person will be a perfect partner for us. Good or bad, we should accept him/her with open arms. Accept their weaknesses. Love them unconditionally. It is some sort like a gift from God.And some say love is a force of nature,it should come naturally..cannot be forced..right?

Cindy: Yeah.Jodoh.That makes sense. But after all boyfriends is not a priority. So many people to love, many things to concentrate, no time to think about guys la. Without them we can still live what.Kan?

Me: Haha.Yep.So many people to love.100% agree on that.

And the conversation ended there.Hmm..

Sweet words are easy to say,
Sweet things are easy 2 buy,
But sweet people are difficult to find...

November 18, 2006

Something to ponder..

Akhirnya..tercapai jugak hasrat nk balik mnggu ni..bestnye..bestnye..bestnye dapat balik walaupun 2 hari setengah cuma. Tapi 'ke excited an' saye nk balik rumah tenggelam dgn cite yg lebih exciting kat court tadi. Tadi kena handle accused kat court 3.Hmm court 3...court yang panas dengan kehadiran seseorang semalam.Semalam, kat court inilah, depan magistrate yang sama Tuan Aizatul Akmal, seorang penganalisis politik terkenal,pemikir terkenal, Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda didakwa bersubahat membunuh model sambilan Altantuya Shariibuu. Die didakwa dibawah Seksyen 109 (bersubahat) dibaca bersama Seksyen 302 (bunuh) yg membawa hukuman mati jika sabit kesalahan.haa lepas tuduhan dibaca barulah muka dia boleh keluar Tv.

Masa tengah nak prepare ayat untuk buat rayuan utk satu kes dadah ni, sorang polis datang kat saya. "Rugi tak datang smlam.Court ni penuh, havoc. Mmg pening kepala. Org berebut2 masuk." Si polis ni bersemangat cite apa yang berlaku semalam.dari A sampai Z. "Ade dengar tak yang benda ni propaganda je.VVIP" ..bla ..bla .. bla..huhu..dan dia terus bercerita. Tapi tu off record.Tak boleh publish kat cni karang tak pasal2 saya yang kena soal siasat. Hmm senyum jela sambil dengar cite polis tu smpai Tuan Aizatul masuk.Court bangun!!

Jmpe polis, lawyer cite tula yang hangatnye. Cite tak best disebalik kisah pembunuhan tragis ni.Just wait n see.Tak tau lagi siapa salah siapa betul."A person is innocent until proven guilty".So tak boleh nak memandai buat presumptions sendiri.Ada sesuatu yg misterius disebalik kes ni. Ape yang diceritakan oleh polis tadi still bermain2 kat kotak fikiranni smpai skrg. Betul ke bendani, cam tak percaya.Hm,cuma Allah yg tau. Tapi kenapa sanggup buat macam tu sekali.Aish orang kalau dah terlalu cerdik mcm nila jadinya.Kira dah habis cerdik..smpai fikiran tak boleh fikir benda yang lebih cerdik lagi.Cerdik sangat pun tak boleh jugak..menghancurkan hidup sndiri akhirnya.Nak tutup lubang sini mulanya, tapi lubang sana pulak terbukak.Last2 habis semua bocor. Dah tak dapat lari mane2 dah.Jadi jadilah insan yang sederhana saja kecerdikannya...Fullstop.

November 13, 2006

Take him BECK,Fergie...

This is what I read in The Sun today.
David Beckham is prepared to take a massive pay cut to land a dream free transfer back to Old Trafford. The former Man Utd favourite has told close friends he will let his Real Madrid contract run down so he is free to leave the Bernabeu and link up with Alex Ferguson once more in Manchester next year. Becks has become frustrated with life on the bench under new boss Fabio Capello.
However, it is unlikely that Ferguson would want him back and even if he did, Beckham is likely to swap one bench for another. Yep, seriously.Hmm..looks like he's not really enjoying his life in that "all stars" club.

~still remember last year when I was in Manchester, we need to pay 6 pound (equivalent -approximately to RM42) to enter that Old Trafford stadium just to take a tour in it and have a look at the bench where David Beckham used to sit during the match including his seat in the changing room.. haha that's too much, thank you very much..we ended taking pictures outside the stadium jela.

November 09, 2006


Busiest many works to be be finished on time. It was only when I had exhausted all other distractions that I write dis post in here..My mind is not really focusing in one direction rite now. A friend just called expressing her "impossible relationship" problem. Keep on listening..but not fully concentrating. I'm not a problem solver not a good creator either. I feel blank..(*shrug*)(*sigh*).

Miss home already. Need some space, need some air. I planned to go home this week but have to cancel it. "Aja, lupe ke dis saturday kita keje,nk buat jamuan raya.Open ofis". Ok, whatever, I'll stay.By the way, the news about the downfall of Bush and his Republican party yesterday might cheer me up a lil bit..hmm at last..

Tomorrow I've to go to court, as usual. At least I don't have to go to office, confronting with the lawyers and workloads. Have a nice chat with all the criminals in the lock-up may open my eyes that life is not fair for everybody...maybe for certain people...But whatever it is whether u're a criminal or must go on, it is how you face it..

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 04, 2006

Movie Marathon

Mengantuk betul pegi keje pagini.Hari Sabtu orang bleh lepak2 kat rumah tapi kita kena pegi ofis.mane tak mengantuk mlm smalam dah marathon 2 movies dgn kwn2 uia. Sasha la mastermind di sebalik semeni.Mula2 plan nak tgk satu movie je so off we went to KLCC.Sampai KLCC kul 6.30 sorang pon tak dtg lagi, except for Khalid yg dr jauh dah nmpak tersenyum2 dpn surau.Lepak2 kat fountain dpn KLCC then Dila pon sampai. The other gals arrived after that. So, after solat n mkn2 kat KFC eight of us,saya,Khalid,Sasha,Dila,Ayu,Aliza,Emma n Farhana pegila ke TGV.

Tgk The Covenant kol 9.45pm. Cite ni best. Kisah 4 sekawan yang dianugerahkan dgn special powers. The gals of cos were melted dgn kehenseman guys dlm cite tu except Khalid la yg takde pape perasaan..hehe. So far cite ni boleh bagi 4 bintang la kot sbb sound effects yg best dgn aksi2 yg agak hebatla jugak.Boleh beli soundtrack die nih..bak kata Khalid laa.Huhu...

B4 msk wayang tgk the Covenant, dgn tak pasal2 Aliza tnmpakla pulak poster satu cite Jepun ni.Tajuknye Death Note.Maka merayu2 la Aliza ajak kitorang beli tiket citeni pulak .Sudahh..saya dah terdiam sbb tayangannya pukul 11.45 mlm.Gile ape, nak balik pukul brapeni. Saya kene keje esok, firm korang tak bukak hari sabtu.Tak aci betul.Sebab semua dah termakan pujuk rayu manja Si Aliza utk tgk citeni, jadi saya dgn berat hati terpakse ikut jugak sbb kami mmg kena balik skali. Farhana je yg tak join sebab nak pegi tgk cite Don pulak dgn Raina dan Kabir.Kuat Hindustan bdk ni. Hmm..komen utk cite Death Note.Sangatla membosankan.Cite pasal buku nota magic yang kalau kita tulis je nama penjenayah dlm buku tu,org tu sure mati.Nak uphold justice dgn cara yg salah.Citeni based on comic Jepun. Bagi 2 bintang je kot, sbb saya cuma tgk 60% je cite tu sbb byk terlelap..heheh..Aliza je yg excited tgk..

After all, it was fun having friends around us when we really stressed out by work stuffs n all. Thanks a lot. Lookin forward to lepak2 ngn korang lagi. =)

November 01, 2006

Kembali bekerja...

Raya dah habis..tapi mood raye still ada lagi dlm jiwa ni. Orang kata rayakan sebulan.Nak menyerang rumah kwn2 yang buat open house kat cni pulak..Apepun raya tahun ni tetap best . Pagi raya dapat sembahyang for the first time kat surau kwsn rumah sndiri.yela surau tu dah diperbesarkan so untuk julung2 kalinya penduduk tmn inderapura ni dptla sembahyang raya kat surau kwsan rumah.Dah tak payah ke masjid. Tahun ni pengumpulan duit raye kurang memberangsangkan berbanding tahun2 lalu, kerana kita sudah dikira msk ke alam pekerjaan. Hehe..kene keluar duit sndiri pulak,bersedekah..Tak sangka sepupu2 yang dah bertahun menyepi diri tiba2 muncul kat depan pintu rumah.Buang yang keruh ambil yg jernih.Itula magicnye raya.Terima kasih kat kwn2 UIA, Tahap yang sudi singgah kat rumah.tahun depan jemputla datang lagi.

Huhu, balik KL keje banyak.Files byk yang kene siapkan..tapi hidup kena diteruskan..sabar aja,sabar.Sambung keje..usaha tangga kejayaan ..m(_ _)m

on the way ke rmh muna..ngn zaty dan miey..thanx miey..
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