May 27, 2010

Live your life with no regret...

Wrap up for this month..hehe..

Huaa, time flies when you’re so occupied with just about everything you can think of. I even barely have limited time to update this personal blog since I also owned another active blogshop that requires u to commit to it every single day...phew2..what blogshop??nah... Just doing it for fun for the past beginning of the year, like some people say live what u love..But I am grateful I have a very supportive husband (tq!) who's willing to help especially on doing the posting stuff to the post office, sending me off to pick new stocks from the supplier n etc..but with one condition...treat him to a nice place to eat..hehe, piece of cake, no problemoo..Lol.

Lately my office, read, (*my boss*) is getting nonsense. Instead of the clerk's job to open and close the office, from day one the department exist over umpteenth years ago, now we the officers have to do the same thing in rotation. So now we have a duty roaster who will open the office in the morning and close the office in the evening. vice versa. I mean that's the surprise u get when u work in the govt office.haha.Think my boss is trying to be FAIR and JUSTICE to everyone in the office and that made the clerks 'naik lemak'. Who knows after this the cleaner will complain about her job too and the officers have to do the cleaner's work as well...haha..amboi3x..

I had my hair cut, trimmed and some hair treatment for 3 hours at one salon nearby my house without knowing the person who cut my hair was a sissy or transvestite until 'he' told me so..haha.. trust me 'he' didn't act like one. But when I showed 'him' to my husband the other day, hubby said, "mmg nampak sgt pondan, org laki kenal org laki"..oh ye ke..haha. ε-(´・`) フ

Quite a number of friends have started asking me when I want to get pregnant again. I reserve that particular question first..U think having a baby is as easy as putting the coins into the vending machine and wallah the stuff come out from the machine in a second. Not a rilex2 la dulu..

I'm smiling knowing tomorrow (friday) is a public holiday...going back to my beloved hometown and attend some kenduri kawin.. mrgreen

May 10, 2010


My sis in law gave birth to a cute baby boy, last weekend! We all rushed to Pusat Perubatan Az-Zahra, Bangi to see baby UMAR!! so my parents in law naik pangkat to datuk n datin eh nop, datuk n nenek,,;) ( i wonder if my baby could make it to the world alive, they already grandparents at the first place..heheh..)
fresh from oven..;p Umar at his few hours to the world..

He was born a day b4 Mother's Day..perfect...oh Happy Mother's day to all super mommies in the world..^0^
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