May 10, 2010


My sis in law gave birth to a cute baby boy, last weekend! We all rushed to Pusat Perubatan Az-Zahra, Bangi to see baby UMAR!! so my parents in law naik pangkat to datuk n datin eh nop, datuk n nenek,,;) ( i wonder if my baby could make it to the world alive, they already grandparents at the first place..heheh..)
fresh from oven..;p Umar at his few hours to the world..

He was born a day b4 Mother's Day..perfect...oh Happy Mother's day to all super mommies in the world..^0^

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ARADIA said...

Aja, comel nyeee anak ur sister in law... macam muka cina kan...takpe, anak kau coming soon insyaAllah...aku ni??? ahahahaha

serenity said...

aliza-haah mmg bapaknya keturunan cina pon hehe..xpe2 hopefully ko jmpa la jejaka pujaan hati di oxford tu..hehehe;)

HiDa said...


Apa website satu lg tu? Share la nk link..

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