September 02, 2010

Ramadhan 22..

pics from Brotherhood Arts

We have almost reached the end of Ramadhan, Subhanallah...and yesterday on 22nd of Ramadhan hubby has already paid the zakat at Masjid Putrajaya... it easy nowadays rite because the zakat counters open almost everywhere be it in mosques, shopping malls and even in bazaars. So no excuse for not paying zakat aite. have u do your part?

Just a few days before Ramadhan close its curtain (sigh) and this is such a precious opportunity to focus and upgrade our ibadah to the max..hehe..a reminder for self actually..I know praying Tarawikh have never felt more beautiful than having to do it at the mosque almost every single day but I just perform my congregational tarawikh prayers at home with hubby. Sometimes I tend to get dizzy and nausea standing for the long prayers in surau especially if the imam recite the longer verses of Quran. yeah excuses,excuses, but seriously I'm a tad shy to perform prayer sitting at any surau mainly because I think I look all healthy.confused

For this year, we don't really spend money and go to bazaar Ramadhan so often and guess that's a good thing because usually the food will end up in the trash. Since we' are leaving KL next week for balik kampung, so towards the end of this week I just dig in whatever we have in the fridge and try to finish all the left raw stuffs. Like yesterday we just had this for iftar..

1. ikan bawal sweet sour
2.sayur kangkung belacan
3. telur dadar with cheese and sausage ?? (hubby cooked this but it still edible mrgreen)
4. 2 karipap goreng segera

see, no bazar ramadhan will try to finish the fresh chicken in the fridge, perhaps simple nasi ayam will do..wink

What about this weekend..hmm..iftar at MIL's house of

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Nana said...

wow..drool tgk ikan bawal tu..nmpak sodap..hehe
apa rasa telur dadar with cheese n sausage yek..bila start cuti ja..

takheransangat said...

nak recipe ikan bawal sweet sour! aku dah lame simpan ikan bawal dlm freezer tp x masak2 lg!

~Serenity~ said...

nana- sedap tu x x beracun la jika dimakan..hehe..telur dadar tu rasa die mcm pizza pepperoni sket..haha..aku dah start cuti hr selasa..:D

lily- perlula kau memasaknya kang merah lak mata ikan tu, x fresh dah..hehe

kau google je resepi.banyak.hehe.kalau aku, senang je (utk mkn 2 org k, yg simple je)

5 ulas bawang merah, 3 ulas bawang putih,halia, 3 sudu sos cili, 3 sudu sos tomato,
3 sudu cili kering yg dah blend tu (agak2 je),
mix vegi,
daun bawang/daun sup, bawang besar..

goreng ikan garing cm biasa..aku malas tumbuk, bawang merah ngn bawang putih tu blend je skali.
halia hiris..pastu ko campak kesemuanya dalam kuali smpai agk garing, masukla cili kering blend smpai naik minyak, masuk sos etc..perasakan gula, garam.nak pedas titik cili api..masuk mix vegi, hirisan bawang besar.tabur ngn daun sup/daun bawang.tuang kuah ats ikan atau masukje ikan tu bermesra skali dlm kuali..hehe.tada! siap!

ada org tak letak cili blend tapi x sedap sbb rasa sos je pulak nnti,letak nanas pon best, tp aku xleh mkn,heh..alaa kau lg pro la ly.x yah ajar dah..haha ;;) sekian dari dapur saya...:p

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