January 28, 2007


Kinda love this song..more to the words I guess...so I put this in here..to all friends out there..my wish for me and you..^_^

~When we hurt each other we should write it down in the sand, so the winds of forgiveness can make it go away for good. When we help each other we should chisel it in stone, lest we never forget the love of a friend.~

January 24, 2007

The mistake I will not repeat...

Yesterday I went to court and by the time I arrived at the bankruptcy department it was still early in the morning. Making people bankrupt is one of the scopes of work which lawyers keen to do. I was among the first as I noticed only 2 or 3 lawyers with the always boring black and white outfits were there, and I expect that my matter will settle earlier so I can straight away go to the Bar Council library to do some research for my master. I approached the clerk at the counter hoping that I can get an early turn but she asked me to check the list of cases on the notice board, and to my surprise my firm’s turn is on number 49 - meaning the last case to be called up. Heh, what the h*** am I doing here in the morning when my turn will only be called in the late afternoon. Can someone just change the rules to the first come first serve basis so it will not abuse the right of those who came earlier.huhuh. I have this kind of submissive attitude (which is not good), so I decided to wait.

Time flipping fast like pages in the book and I realised that I had procrastinated too much time sitting and waiting at the corner of the room. The room was crowded with lawyers who were waiting for their cases to be called before the Senior Assistant Registrar. I glanced at the lawyer beside me who was snoozing soundly; the one in front of me was busily whispering over the phone while I myself kept stretching my legs and covering my mouth to muffle a yawn. The big clock struck 12 times, breaking the silence, my empty stomach rumbled asking to be filled since it was almost lunch hour and I haven’t had my breakfast yet.

There was no sign for my turn to be called up and I was extremely bored so I stuffed my ears with the earphones and switched on my mp3. The sound of my favourite song vibrated my eardrums, tapping one foot as I closed my eyes and hummed to the tune softly. Suddenly I felt something was not right. I opened my eyes and all eyes were actually staring and looking straight in my direction. Some were smiling and some were giving me a reproving look. It was embarrassing, and yet humiliating. Haha I wasn’t humming to the beat, I was actually singing. And everybody was like SHHHH…!!!

Moral: Don’t be 'deafened' by a loud music at the wrong place. That’s the mistake I will not repeat.

January 16, 2007

Booo...Bye Beckham...!

After rumours and speculation , finally David Beckham reached his final decision---moving to Los Angeles Galaxy in one of the biggest deals in football history worth $250 million this summer, which I personally think ‘it’s all about $$$ and the fame thing in Hollywood’.The salary in L.A is 3 times that of the highest-paid player in the Premiership and for a slightly better than an average player like him, I do think the deal is breathtaking and big enough despite his Real Madrid's coach Fabio Capello criticism against him for signing with the Galaxy before informing the Madrid club.

Well, only a personality cult like Beckham, who is the husband of former Spice Girls star, the posh Victoria, can do that. But this may not be an easy task as Beckham is by far not a celebrity in US as he is in Asia or Europe.

In addition, it won’t make any difference, seriously. Mind me if I'm wrong, but I think American could care less with soccer thing as they would rather see Tiger Woods or Maria Sharapova or even football (rugby) in action since soccer is least favourable sport that they much concern about and that’s not going to change anytime soon.But maybe (hope so), with the Beckham existence in Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham’s presence would be a boost to America’s soccer fortunes (perhaps a better improvement) where the English star is immensely popular and with the Beckham tag, that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Since he is unable to get into the squads at Real Madrid or England (probably bcoz of his fading performance), moving to U.S may be the best option for him since once again he has proved that his marketability still can exceeds his talent on the field.Heh,good luck to u then..

10 years ago I love Man U bcoz of David Beckham and after all these while I realised that I don't give a damn whether he's in the club or not, I still love Man U..haha. My next and major concern is the match against the Gunners soon..huhu..

January 06, 2007

If I were not me...

A friend thru email asked me to answer this..I know these are no other than craps…just doing it for fun-to kill my boring hour..

Have u ever think if you’re not what you r rite now but other ‘thing’ like in the list below. So be grateful of who and what u are. I wonder if:

If I were a colour I'd be :
can I be colourful?

If I were an animal I'd be : a fluffy cuddly cat..that only stays at home...

If I were a book I'd be : Harry Potter-kids love me so much and very eager to read every chapter in me.(I always love Harry Potter series..cant wait for the next book n movie)

If I were a clothing item I'd be : a sweet pink flowered baju kurung-girls look adorable wearing me with their tudung..hehe

If I were a jewel I'd be : the luminosity and shining diamond..

If I were a car I'd be : a red Ferrari? Looking sexy and very rare on the road and ridiculously expensive..only affordable to certain person.(nah, I prefer Honda jazz actually)

If I were an element I'd be : water-people can drink, can bath, can take ablution with me..and I can cool people down..

If I were the weather I’d be : light rain cos if u're lucky, u can see a beautiful rainbow appears after that..

If I were a drink I'd be : the irresistible Ice Blended caramel cappuccino..

If I were an ice cream flavor I'd be: vanilla chocolate chip with melted chocolate on top..yum yum

If I were a person I'd be : the better ME

If I were a planet I'd be : I don’t want to be any planet other than the Earth- I’m not selfish, so that everybody can live happily and breath freely in me ..

If I were an insect I'd be : a butterfly definitely...

If I were public transport I'd be : PUTRA LRT-I love to see tension faces waiting for me especially when there’s a technical problem with me..I can move too slow and too fast and enjoy using my emergency brake whenever I want..huhu

If I were a song I'd be : the national anthem-Negaraku..everybody knows me by heart and I on aired almost every morning during school assembly..

If I were a musical instrument I'd be: an acoustic guitar..

If I were a movie I'd be
shall I be Titanic? The most unforgettable Box-office film ever!You jump,I jump, ..

If I were a season I'd be : spring; when all colourful and beautiful flowers bloom ...but we don’t have spring here..huhu

If I were a flower I'd be : a Rose- people only get me on certain occasion-how special.. hehe

If I were a job I'd be : a teacher-the most noble job ever..have u ever wonder where u stand rite now if there was no teacher who taught u b4?u can't even read, write or count..my dad used to be a teacher and so is my mum..proud of that..

If I were cartoon I'd be: Sakura in Naruto anime.I'm mastered in kungfu and have powerful boyfriends like Naruto and Sasuke..

If I were a place I'd be : Taman Inderapura, Jerantut-there’s no place like home..

If I were a gift I'd be : a super big size soft Teddy Bear-so cuddly-I always love Teddy Bears (grow up la aja oi..)

If I were a memory I'd be : my old school time memory..

If I were a city I'd be : the developed and hi-tech city

If I were a sense I'd be : the sixth sense-a vision maybe?

If I were a game I'd be : the special and limited edition of

PlayStation 3 (kalau adela)

If I were time I'd be : early morning-always fresh and new..

If I were an invention I'd be : the time machine…I can go anywhere I like...

If I were a country I'd be : peaceful, beautiful and calm Ireland..ye ke?

If I were a flavor I'd be : chocolate-no one hates chocolate except those on diet..

If I were a sport I'd be : football-every guys and certain girls in the world love me and this is a sport for a true guy only..

If I were a smell I'd be : my mom’s cooking..making me hungry..

I were a subject I'd be
: Law- dry and boring subject since u have to memorise every cases and all. It’s fun to see frowning faces trying hardly and desperately to understand me..haha

If I were a flag I'd be: Malaysia flag-waving proudly on every school’s poles...

If I were a building I'd be :the mosque-the never empty place, not in a single day..

If I were a month I'd be : the sweet April-when I’m getting older and older every year on this month..duh

If I were a perfume I'd be : the soft and sweet smell..

If I were a toy I'd be : soft toys

If I were a shape I'd be : a heart shape..

If I were an answer I'd be: an answer that makes u think again..haha( eh that's not an answer)..hmm probably an answer to every question..

If I were a tv show I'd be : Alias-tough woman indeed..

If I were a word I'd be : serenity..

Finish...Moral- Jadilah diri sendiri.. ;)

I hate doing this but have to do this -dun have any specific victim for the next target so I’m tagging everyone in My Darlinks list. (do it in your spare time, only if u want..this is not compulsory, bukan juga paksaan)

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