January 17, 2011

On Baby Shower...

Last weekend my colleagues threw me a baby shower. I was hesitated at first when they expressed the intention to organize the baby shower. But they insisted and told me this to show their supports on my second pregnancy. The girls prepared everything, from the food selection till the deco and table arrangement. How sweet, when some of them wore preggy attire. biggrin

Date: 15th January 2011
Venue : Equestrian Club, Putrajaya
Theme: Blue and White

was forced to give the opening speech..

The food were awesome. I gobbled everything down till my stomach full.

We played 3 games altogether and i have to be the judge. First, the Baby Words Unscramble. The groups were divided to two, the single group and couple group, the married/engaged couple. They had to unscramble the words of baby's brands, complete the puzzle and of cos the couple group won this game. The second was Guess Me game. They had to guess the name of baby stuff based on the picture showed. It was hilarious when one of them confidently guess the baby bibs as an apron.mrgreen
Finally the Mom's Circumference game where the guys had to blow up a balloon according to how big they think my belly was. The girls had to put the balloon on their bellies while i checked the correct measurements. The nearest measurement win but none of them got this right.wink. The losing group had to sing twinkle2 little star. Haha. After all it was fun I laughed so much I felt my tummy aches afterward.

Some of the pics...

The cute diaper cake for table deco. The talented Shilashower 'baked' it..wink U can get one from her..

Milion thanx to my colleagues for organizing such an awesome baby shower that i'll cherish and remember forever.

January 05, 2011

Baby stuff..

It still awkward to type letter "2011" on any documents relating to work. I'm still adjusting my mind that we are now cruising into 2011 and sooner i'm gonna get use to it...

What we did on the first day of 2011. We went for the so called final shopping spree for baby (did i say final? But i still continuing my online shopping habit for the baby) ..haha. I got hoard of baby stuff in my office locker resulting from online shopping and haven't bring them back home yet mrgreen. I think baby shopping is much more exciting than shopping for self now. Just adding up certain thing that I don't get to buy during my first pregnancy. Positive, remember?. So we went to IOI Mall since the initial plan was only to get the Medela breast pump at the Stroller World. But the Stroller World offers so many things that are soo irresistible. So ended up buying this:

pic from littlewhiz.com

We bought this Medela Mini Electric Breastpump which comes in package: the cooler kit, bottles, nipple cream and breast pump bag. Hoping that the milk flows well so that I can fully utilise this thing.

What's the point of going to Stroller World without buying the stroller. So after a prompt discussion with hubby, he insisted to buy the stroller since we dont have to think about it later on. Beli je terus senang. Although I love Maclaren but stroller is indeed a guy's thing so I let hubby choose. So he chose this CYBEX Callisto stroller since it's more user friendly and easy to handle. He just fell in love with the aluminium rims and how the stroller is easy to maneuver with one hand handle and plus it comes with bumper bar. Well he manage to convince me to agree on this over Maclaren..haha. The CYBEX Callisto looks like this:

Sarah Jessica Parker got herself Cybex Callisto too, but ours is in purple..

Finally we bought a white baby cot that comes together with BumbleBee crib set and the Getha latex baby mattress which is worth it.

checking everything intact before making the purchase...

Overall I'm satisfied with what we got so far. It clears up my mind a little despite being super anxious about this second pregnancy since the firsthand experience of giving birth always clouding my mind a bit. I'm hoping that God see this effort in order to bring the best for the baby and silently pray He let us have our bundle of joy for this time. Yups.

Went to hospital yesterday and met the O&G specialist. I was told that they will make me deliver by hook or by crook during my 38 weeks of pregnancy since I've IUD history. Was quite surprise since that means its wayyy early than the expected due date. Hopefully everything will be fine and i get through this journey safely...

*IUD-intrauterine death
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