August 12, 2010

Ramadhan 2010

How's your fasting today..Mine Alhamdulillah and so far it's not a big deal for me except I just can't wait to snooze in the office everytime the clock strikes 1 pm. That's the time my stomach will grumble and the mind will automatically thinking about food. Not sure whether it's from me or the extra thingy inside the tummy..heh. Honestly I'm truthfully thankful since this year I'll have the opportunity to fast during the whole 30 days of Ramadhan again, hopefully without a miss..Insya-Allah.

I'm hoping that I can embrace all the challenges during this Holy Month, and one of them is cooking for buka puasa. Deciding what to cook (plus for sahur too!) is the other challenging stuff since I have a very limited knowledge in terms of food recipes. teet.. like this morning for sahur we only ate roti arab together with canned chicken curry (forgot the brand, but with the Chef Wan's face on the label..heh).mrgreen How rajin is that. But trust me for this month I'm trying to cook as frequent as i can and minimise buka puasa outside (give a pat on the I believe the food we eat or cook at home is healthier than the outside food rite..Say no to Ajinomoto..tibe je.

Still not too late to wish everyone out there a Happy Ramadhan. May Allah rewards us with His mercy and forgiveness during this special month..Ameen..

Kurangkan Juadah Banyakkan Ibadah ok..wink

"Whoever breaks fasting of Ramadhan without having a legitimate excuse or being ill, he cannot make up for that day, even if he undertakes a perpetual fast.”[Al-Bukhaari]

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Chem82 said...

hai ja yg dirindui..selamat menjalani ibadah puasa jugak..n congrats..;)
ok la tu kari dlm tin, akuni mkn sardin ngn cekodok je sahur..huhu..take care ok.

~Serenity~ said...

hi chem..bykla rindu ko..hehe..sedap gile weh sardin.hsband aku tak makan sardin, so tin sardin mmg takde dlm satu hari aku akn beli jugak sardin utk diri sndiri saje..hehe..oh thanx.u too take care n slamat berpuasa..;;)

Ili said...

Hi selamat berpuasa..i penah bought something from yr blogshop n bumped into yr personal blog.hehe :D i luv to read update more often..;)

HiDa said...

Ja, makanan dlm tin tu healthy ke walaupun di makan di rumah? hehehe..saje nk usik kau.

Take care and selamat berpuasa Ja!!

~Serenity~ said...

alamak ili, malu ;))...i bkn blogger tegar, update ikut suka je n mostly nothing interesting in this blog..all about prsonal life.hehe.thanx anyway

hida- haha healthy kot for queen of sloth mcm akuni..hehe.nop la, cuma sahur tu je, lps tu say no to makanan dlm,tetibe rs nk mkn sardin pulak..haha

ok hida, slamat berpuasa.kau pon kena take care, tak nak kna admit hospital lg.say no to hospital..:-t

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