June 30, 2007


I was thinking of changing the face of the blog lately...As a result, I've metamorphosed it into this kind of look which I interpreted it as dull, simple and calm..hehe..

Talking about metamorphosis, two persons in my life will undergo some kind of metamorphosis in their life as well..but in a better and happier way.. A friend of mine will be getting engaged next week and my sister getting married the following week..can't hardly wait!
... so happy to be home...\(^o^)/

June 20, 2007

Just a moment...

Phew..tiring day..at last I found some space and time to write something in this blog..it was only when my boss and everybody had already left the office leaving me alone with these continously unfinished business.And now I'm taking a deep breath trying to focus what should I write in this blog.My life had been so busy these past few weeks,my boss keeps bugging me to do this and that,I've to go to court, go out for meetings, taking instructions from client, and by the time I reached my office, I already exhausted and unable to finish my work properly.The files keep on piling and I am clueless which one to start first..stressful..and the only thing I can do right now is blogging..heheh.

And my mom kept calling me checking if I'm still in the office at this hour trying to remind me again and again that my life might not be this miserable if I just become a teacher..haha..Well life is not that complicated, it is how you manage it but I'm not good at it when I tend to take things seriously,worrying too much about everything..huhu..forget about it..

At least..a day jalan2 spent over the last weekend had relinquished a bit the painful stress..feeling hungry..hmm a slice piece of pizza would be enough..^^
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