November 29, 2010


It's been a while since I watched movies in cinema. I think the last was Avatar-3D. So last weekend hubby and I decided to catch up some movies. On friday, after work, we went to watch Rapunzel-Tangled in 3D at 101 Mall since 3D is not available in Alamanda. Rapunzel is about a girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. She's a princess stolen from her parents' castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. I'm sure all of u know this fairy-tale. All I can say Rapunzel was so good, I couldn't bear to miss every second of it even though I felt I wanna go to toilet really badly (the baby keeps pushing my bladder which increase the needs to pee) but managed to held it though. The movie was much funnier than I expected, it was worth every ringgit especially when u watch it in 3D on the couple seat..hehe and you can't go wrong with this one..lots of magic, adventure, humour, great disney songs, and yeah lots of hair too... The voice of Rapunzel was done by Mandy Moore and for the hero, Flynn Rider was done by Zachary Levi ( the actor in Chuck). From what I read before, it is the most expensive animated film as to date. Go

with the cast of Rapunzel. Just ignore the fat bump, it just for temporary period only, I was slimmer than Rapunzel before...;p

We went for a movie as well yesterday..yup, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I've been a HP fan since I read the first book so this movie was the one I was looking for the whole week. Still remember during uni years I could stand in the long queue just to get the copies of HP book at Kinokuniya and was chirping when I got the free wand wink . I think generally it is the most faithful adaptation of HP series although there are some details that are not included. It's not poorly done like the third movies and even u're not following the books or the first six movies the main plot picks up quickly so u start to understand what's happening. I didn't re-read Deathly Hallows prior to seeing the movie ( no time to do so) so there was a lot that I'd forgotten, but I feel like I was able to approach the story with fresh eyes. I can definitely say that this movie is by far my favorite movie except on the snake part, it looks so real i just shut my eyes. The plot is quite dark and the characters getting matured so there’s a lot of intense and sad fight scenes especially when poor Dobby died..

A smart idea when they decided to make this final book into two separate movies but maybe its better this way, coz if they trash everything in just one movie, so many things would be left out. I just don't one HP to end so soon. Anyway, cant wait for the second part to come out though the wait seems interminable, but I know that the time will fly by.

All n all both movies are worth a watch least for me..mrgreen

November 22, 2010

Cow, Crab and Hamster...

Just got back from the clinic for the check-up routine and the office seems so quiet and peaceful. I guess some of the staffs are still on leave for Hari Raya Korban. 5 days of short break (yes,short) still not enough, spent 3 days at parent in law's house and the balance at my parent's house. I did not able to celebrate it last year since the Eid fell exactly a day after i delivered my little angel and u can guess how gloomy my Eid was.

Oh yes speaking of Hari Raya Korban it was a special one since this time around me and hubby contributed and joined the Korban. After performing the eid prayer and listening to the khutbah about the history of qurban, we waited at the mosque to witness our cow to be slaughtered. Ours was the first, so i managed to witness the qurban event and tried not to get disturbed especially to pity the cow during the slaughtering process. When the cow was about to be sacrified, my mom in law grabbed my hand and asked me to touch the cow and niat “This is my Korban”. Oh well it was quite an experience since it was the first time I touched a cow and saw it up close and personal being sacrificed..hehe. Too bad I didnt bring a camera to capture the whole event.

Alhamdulillah, the Korban went well and hope it will be accepted as we try to get closer to Him. I guess sacrifice is beautiful as it is not only about giving and being unselfish, its about being grateful for what we have.

So I had a pretty relaxed Eid, eating, seeing hubby did the beef cutting, playing Saidina with in laws and yes, like other people our days were full with beefy affairs, ate n ate the beef until I couldn't handle it anymore. We bought 3 kilos of crabbies to my parent's house in order to neutralise the taste buds..

And now, I wonder what to do with the rest of the meat in the fridge..

Talking about sacrifice, I guess this baby also went sacrificing himself..

This is Summer, my sis hamster. He went missing from the cage few days ago and nowhere to be found despite the searching efforts done by the family members . Wherever u're Summer, I hope u rest in peace wink... pic from my sis blog.

November 13, 2010

Let's change it...

I don't have the mood to update the blog lately..So u know what i do everytime I need something to boost the mood a bit? Yups by changing the blog's layout...haha...So at least this colourful template might lift up my interest on blogging again. Too pink?? Nah, who cares..!! ;p What i like about this new layout is the animated header- the so-called gediks girl who keeps kissing her wedding photo..haha...(no, i dont do that in real life ;p)

Credit to acurose for this one..go check her blog and yups, just like her blog title, she really gonna make your day..:)

And again, i'll be missing the previous template, but definitely will use it again next time...

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