February 24, 2010

Alice Di Alam Fantasi...

Can't wait to see this movie. Tim Burton always come with his great masterpiece like Edward Scissorshand, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Sweeney Todd and many others. And this year he'll bring Alice In Wonderland adventures to life and in 3D effects!. Honestly i don't fancy Alice in Wonderland like any other Disney cartoon movies or other Lewis Carroll's tales during my childhood. Simply bcoz the fact that I don't really understand the story-line (cam pening sikit) and quite disappointed when the whole adventures was just a dream! But i still enjoyed it tho.

It is an anticipated movie since Alice in Wonderland somehow brings out the little kid in all of us and as usual Tim Burton will feature his favourite friends and actors, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter alongside Anne Hathaway and a new-comer Mia Wasikowska. And from what i read before, Avril Lavigne's sang the theme song in this movie.Coolness.

Must mark this one in my to-do-list.. hehe. Husband, jgn lupa, kita mesti tengok ini. Dah lama tak tgk movie sejak pantang. And I love the Cheshire cat ( he looks freaky but isn't he adorable?)- kalau wujud in real life ni, rasa nak peluk2 si tembam2 ni..)wink

Still remember I went to watch Sweeney Todd twice, first round in Sunway after futsal session and second with Sasha and Aliza at Ampang Galaxy. I just looove the songs from the movie.

And the boss just approved my cuti! yay!

February 21, 2010

Alone at home...

Alone at home today on Sunday and it sucks...confused hubby went for BTN since Thursday and he'll be away until tomorrow. And yes, he did left the car at the car park and asked me to drive it just in case I need to buy something to eat. No point at all coz I prefer forcing myself to cook or take a bus rather than driving. I never drive without having someone by my side coz everytime I go behind the wheel I would tremble with nerves and hesitate to push the gas. I think I suffer from some kind of unidentified driving phobia and wishing there's a medicine to overcome this so I can buy a car for myself with confidence..yeps.. cool

I was lucky enough bcoz my parents and siblings came on Friday, at least they were here to keep me company yesterday.

Oh, notice the new layout? I've done some make over to my blog, and I do love it especially the RSS dolly. Credit to Kak Emy for the make overs and able to 'layan' my fussiness.hehe.. Kak Emy is a talented, creative illustrator and graphic designer and I just love all her artworks. She designed cover illustration for most of A.Samad Said's books. If u want to see more of her creative design , u can go and check for her artworks and portfolios here.

I think I had to give the Taman Negara story a missed since I already put some pictures and captions in the facebook..hehe. But it was a blast coz I think i've overcome one of my fear factor, Acrophobia!- that is fear of heights.. mrgreen

I managed to overcome my fear by crossing the 50 metres height and 510 metres long canopy walkway. It was not easy u know,coz I could feel the bridge swings and my knees were shaking and trembling all the way...huhu. If u visit Taman Negara, your journey will not complete until u give this a shot...

the hanging ladder! gayat2..eek

February 17, 2010


Temporarily using this template as a blog skin. I know it's dull rolleyes ... currently getting someone to do my blog design, but due to inevitable circumstances, the new layout project has to be postponed. Since I really need a XML template for my blog, I consider to use this one at the moment until the blog design project is done. Though I couldn't edit it the way I want, I guess the XML template is more user friendly compared to the old layout. Btw, since it has RSS feed, I can just check for other blog updates from the side link without wasting my time doing blog hopping..hehe..mrgreen easy peasy.. Well, should say bye-bye to the old layout. I'm gonna miss it tho..cry

* went to Taman Negara with family in laws during CNY. Will update stories about it later if rajin...wink
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