October 29, 2007

P Ramlee The Musical...

The life, the loves and the inspiration…

Time: 27th October 2007, 8.30 pm

Venue: Panggung Sari,Istana Budaya

About the theater… Before enter Istana Budaya, I began to illustrate and expecting in my mind that the show is going to be sleep inducing and boring, but I was wrong. Ok, its true that the main attraction about this one is that of the acting debut by Siti Nurhaliza, but somehow you'll be wishing for more by the time you get to the end (though it ended almost 12 midnite..phew). The audience not only drawn to the mix of modern and evergreen P Ramlee songs performed by the actors but also to the characters. I guess the lead casts like Sean Ghazi, Liza Hanim and Melissa Saila were appealing enough without being too stereotype. The great thing about the show was the set, where the way they transformed the background and the set from a scene to another was fairly impressive. I just loved the scene change diversion. Although some part of the show was a bit dragging (it’s a bit too long) but all I can say is that the theater is worth watching when it cost u RM65 (student price,hehe).

It was a mixture of his contribution to the music industry, successful career but at the same time the failure in his loves life where most of his marriages ended up with divorce. It could be interesting if they don’t elaborate too much and just cut the scene of the separation issue between Malaysia and Singapore, the riots and so on. Although it wasn’t really get me into the message they intent to deliver, the show was pretty awesome. After all the whole musical show was squeaky clean, tuneful harmony, great choreography, fairly entertaining and personally I think Siti can act. Haha. Ok, guess I’ve been exaggerating too much. So if u're into this type of musical, go watch. The show ends by 3rd November.

October 15, 2007

Special entry-151007

And this cake goes to...

... special ~someone...

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
Hope all of your wishes come true,
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything that brings you happiness, today and always.


October 12, 2007

Salam Syawal..

Original: Sharbohara
Poet: Kazi Nazrul Islam [1899-1976]
Translation: Mohammad Omar Farooq

I have brought the message of Allah
through the Eid's crescent that shines above,
We will break our fast with all those treasured surplus
during this Ramadan - a month we all love.

Everyone will eat and satisfy their hunger
during this Eid celebration,
Don't despair and resign; rather loot
your share of the blessings of God in rightful jubilation.

Ramadhan is over..esok raya..I'm not even sure I deserve to be celebrating after a dismal performance worship-wise. Hmm..human being. Always regret for something when it's gone. But, Alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan is a better experience for me compared to previous years.Will be missing the tarawikh, the buka puasa and of cos the sahur..^^Hope Allah will grant us more years to have a better Ramadhan in the future. Wishing u all a very happy Eid..Mohon ampun maaf segala salah silap, tingkah yang menyakitkan, hati yang berprasangka, pincang butir bicara,segala-galanya, jika ada...Hidup ini jadi lebih indah jika masih ada rasa maaf.. Salam lebaran,kepada yang membaca,sudi2 datang ke rumah..ciao..

October 04, 2007

Back to Basic...

Rasenye lebih telus kalau menulis sebegini..yeah..harini sangat penat,balik dari court shah alam..kena bebel ngn judge Session 1 sesikit disebabkan problem file lwyer sebelumni, then balik ofis.Sampai ofis rase takde mood nak buat Reply to defence,otak penat nak fikir,tulis blog rase ringan sket.Ohh environment firm baru,so far so good, lebih organise compared to firm lama yang sememangnya lintang pukang.keje walaupun banyak, tak terasa sangat sebab ramai staf.rasa macam boleh bernafas semula bila masuk ofis..huhu.Mingguni,solat tarawikh memang burn lima hari macam tu je,banyak invitation untuk buka puasa ngan client,ngn bukan client pon ade..;). Yang sakitnya untuk berbuka puasa ngn client kehadiran lawyer diwajibkan.Kesian kat cu (my aunty) asyik berbuka sengsorang.Adeh,rasa tak berbaloi makan hotel mahal2, sebab cuma mampu makan 1st roundje.Orang lain mampu makan sampai 8 round,kita cuma boleh tengokje.Stomachku memang mempunyai space yang sangat limited.Sayang betol la.

Tinggal lagi tak sampai sepuluh hari je lagi umat Islam akan menyambut Aidilfitri.Asyik ingat nak balik kampungje,lagi2 staf asyik putar lagu raya dalam ofis.Tension betulla.Hmm..Ramadhan bakal ditinggalkan,kira berapa banyak amalan yang kita dah buat sepanjang bulan Ramadhanni.Ada beberapa hari lagi nak kejar,nak top-up pahala..Hope sempat...(^,^).
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