April 29, 2007

Tagging game...again??!!

Ok, to be brutally honest, I hate tagging game..But since I 've been tagged by Asni and i hate letting people down, will still doing it (thinking that i'll be away from Internet stuff for sufficient time after this..huhu).

the rules of this particular blog tag game are:

- On the left side, choose the year you turn 18, click.
- Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year.
- Write something about how those songs affected you.
- Pass it on to 5 or more friends of yours.

The year I turned 18 was 2001. Matric year,didn't really like it since i considered it as a very stressful year for me..have to think about study and study when u have to learn something new(law thing)..Thus I dont think I have any nostalgic song that significant to me either...

Since I've flushed most of my 18 years old memories away, here are the songs which dont have much stories to tell about..

1.Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm- the ringtone for my Nokia3310..what more canggih than Nokia 3310 at that time..haha
2. Superman- Five For Fighting- this song inspired me so much during study..."its not easy to be me..."
3.Get The Party Started - Pink- this song was played when my roommates threw a surprise birthday party for me...was touched..
4.Hero - Enrique Iglesias- my roommate loves this song so much, she would screaaam whenever this song was aired..whateverr
5.With Arms Wide Open - Creed-nothing much, just love the song..

that's all...just to satisfy this tagging stuff, I choose:

It's a MUST do game..haha

Sometimes....music can heal our soul..^^

April 22, 2007


..the fifth one is ACCEPTANCE...erghh..so I'm a year older, still have to accept the truth anyway...
thanks everyone for the wishes..

Dear roses..please dont go wilt and fade away before I get to see u...
~to the anonymous sender who sent me the roses and the 'pink hyppo' today ... thank you sooooo much...^^

And for this time around, I pray and wish that God makes me healthy thru out the years of my life..so I can always remember the persons I love and care for...

... to my bro In who's gonna turn 22 tomorrow..Happy Birthday to you too..

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.-Abraham Lincoln

April 11, 2007

Mereka dan kereta...

Haha..terpanggilnya saya untuk updet blog ni adalah kata2 sorang kawan..

"Aja, lain kali tulis blog dalam bahasa melayu la..aku nak baca senang..smoothje.. aku selalu baca blog ko lompat2..."

Baiklah untuk post kalini..dalam BM lah..kita kan orang Melayu..hihi.

Semalam sepulangnya dari KL,adik saya ambik di Temerloh. Ajak pergi tengok aksesori kereta. Tak taula apa yang dicarinya, masuk kedai keluar kedai...tengok2 aksesori kereta memang best(walaupun tak arif langsung), tapi yang penting ada ongkosnya. Nak radio mp3, dvd, stereng kereta berjenis2 semua ada, yang penting duit. Berangan2 dalam hati, aku ada kereta nanti akanku touch- upkan kereta dengan pelbagai aksesori..haha.. tapi bawak kereta penakot..

Tapi satuje yang saya kurang paham..kenapa sebuah kereta Kancil yang sebegitu comel, nak tukar nama Daihatsula, letak sticker K-car la, MIRA la..ubah sana sini, dan macam2 lagi.. sungguh tak paham.

Kata despatch di tempat kerja dulu, "Kereta aku, bodyje Kancil, tapi part2 dalam semua oversea, biar mahal takpe, kepuasan tu yang penting.Kereta macam pompuan jugak , nak kena dimanja2, kena make-up2 jugak". Ya, setelah melihat keretanya, memang betullah, bodyje Kancil, meter semua digital, enjin turbo, nak start enjin macam nak bawak kapal terbang.
Hmm..setiap orang punya citarasa sendiri, mesti nak yang terbaik dengan apa yang mereka miliki.Suka hatila..

Oh lupa..adik saya tak jumpa apa yang dicarinya...tapi : "Aja, jom singgah kedai cd jap.. aku nak cari cd bola PS2...hadui.. nak tak nak ikut jugakla..

Hehe...jika diberi kesempatan, kereta saya nanti, nak kecik dan comelje.. yang penting ada sentuhan pink2 sikit..haha... ape2 la labu...^0^

Oh..Man U menang dengan menawan sekali semalam..7-1..terkulat2 Roma dibuatnye...^^

April 03, 2007

Chambering-Ghazi & Lim Dihatiku..

My nine months chambering period is over. You know, chambering is a 9 months period where you must undergo before becoming a qualified lawyer. As a pupil or so called chambie, you are expected to work as hard as a qualified lawyer (or if unlucky most of the times even harder) with very low amount of salary/ allowance. Yeah, cheap labour I say.Time ticking so fast, and finally it’s just over. Now I'm free.. can’t believe that right now I’m home on the second day of the week, alone, watching EPL Highlights (man u is damn good) while plucking on my sister’s guitar. Off beat.

Still wondering what the heck am I doing right now if its a working hour. Imagining myself walking from court to the office with files and black shoes that hurt my feet so much, or sitting in front of the PC listening to my rumbling stomach before the lunch hour. Those disastrous, not so torturing days finally over.

Glad, now that I'm unemployed..some unnecessary things had been boggling my mind lately while still considering several working offers (being so picky in choosing the best firm that suits me and really hate it)..lawyer to be?Urghh...

Whatever it is, Ghazi & Lim tetap dihatiku..hahah..(faking smile)

those days..tinggallah Bie a.k.a Lorraine seorang diri..

Heaven..I'm far away from those noisy and dizzy Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang streets,those alienate atmosphere..at least for a moment. I wipe the smile off my face and heave a sigh...Sometimes silence can be most comforting....
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