December 20, 2010

On Anniversary and Little One..

Today marks the second year of our marriage. I cant believe how time flies and we've reach the 2nd year milestone together as husband and wife. It seems like just yesterday we were walking , holding hands in front of people on our wedding day,with those pinkish dress and baju melayu... mrgreen I'm grateful to Allah for the blessings that He showers us along the way of our marriage...

We usually exchange gifts on the anniversary. He already bought me an early anniversary pressie like 3 weeks ago but I haven't get anything for him yet. Petang ni sajelah..or instead just wait for another 2 months or less and I'll present him the little one that still growing inside me (if God willing)...wink Ok that's not fair...

Talking about the little one in the bump, i notice I haven't talk much about this stuff on the blog. Shall put a new label for this one, pregnancy2, so it doesn't mix up with my first pregnancy memories with lil angel. I'm heading my 31st weeks this week, so last Saturday we decided to have our first detail 3D/4D scan at the clinic. 3D/4D ultrasound will definitely give a much clearer picture than standard 2D ultrasound...and plus it comes with photos and videos in a CD. But it depends on the amniotic fluid volume. The plenty of fluid u have, the clearer and better shots u get.The sonographer did every detail scan, from head to toe and Alhamdulillah everything is fine. We had a hard time to have a peek on his/her full face since the baby kept closing the face with his/her arms. Like this:

dont disturb me..i'm trying to sleep okayy... (see,both hands covering the face)

The sonographer asked me to turn my body to the other side for better view while hubby urged me to poke and shake the tummy so the baby will move his/her hands. But he/she was pretty much asleep most of the time and just move his/her hands once in a while.The more we moved him/her around, the more he/she covered the face.

ok..i put one hand down now..

So I can conclude that he/she is one shy baby then..or maybe because of a plate of nasi lemak that I ate just before the scanning that makes the baby feels so comfortable sleeping in his/her own little world..biggrin

We have been confirmed about the baby's gender, but will not reveal it just yet but all i can say that shopping is going to be a whole new world of fun now despite of having all the baby stuffs during the first

In the meantime i will always keep the positive vibe in me and praying for the well-being of the baby until the arrival in 2 months time..Insya-Allah..

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