February 08, 2012

She is ONE!

A baby girl brings sunshine to brighten your day.
A baby girl brings joy through her loving ways.
A baby girl is a blessing that comes from above.
A special and beautiful treasure to love. -Unknown-



My baby Hana officially turned one today and Alhamdulillah until this point of time though it's not easy, I am happy that she is still growing fully on mommy's milk without dairy formula substitutes. How can such a little person have such a big effect in such a little amount of time and I can’t believe how she has evolved from a very teeny tiny infant to a sweet little princess. It's amazing how much she has transformed from a baby into nearly a toddler and the next thing before i knew it, she will be getting married.huhu. ok chill, she just got one year older.;p

We had celebrated her birthday few days earlier. My initial plan is to throw an elaborate party at home but since we hardly have time to do it I just scrapped off the idea and go for a cozy little party instead. She may be just a year old and hardly cares about birthdays now, but the first birthday is more about the parents surviving the first year, so perhaps a simple celebration will do. Since my close colleague is expecting her first child, we decided to have a combo celebration - birthday n baby shower.

We got Hana a small yummylicious Baskin Robbins's ice-cream cake and sang her Happy Birthday.

sorry baby, that cake is too cold and too sweet for u. just let us the adults eat...

Happy Birthday sunshine, I know u won't be little forever but please don't grow up so fast..Mama sooo in love with you...!

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