December 19, 2011

Hello December.

Ok where should I start. I've promised to update at least once a month but I barely have time to sit properly and throw something in this little space of mine. I can’t help it since I've other priorities to be straightened out. Life has been pretty hectic with workloads in the office (the new boss zeriously driving me kerazyyy..!) and motherhood keeps me busy especially when u have fully breastfed baby and most of the time she needs me for her milk supply as I need her too to avoid breast engorgement.

Not much to blog about just on Hana's development .Btw my baby turned 10 months recently. She's now expert in crawling around the house, pulling herself up to standing that still need extra vigilance, climbing the stairs and cruising the furniture. She loves to cruise along the furniture we had to sell our teak sofa sets since they got sharp edges that may create hazards to Hana. Ok, that justified reason to buy a new one.hehe.

Part of the sofa set that were sold within 3 days after hubby advertised em in so mudah..Just ignore the little explorer behind the sofa ;p

Hana is 10 months ...

On a different note, went to office annual dinner last Friday night. Didn't get the chance to join the dinner last year since I was expecting Hana. The theme was glamorous night, I seriously have no idea on what to wear but thanks to FashionValet, their Radzwan Radziwil's kaftan caught my eyes although I need to cut em off for a good 6 inches..;p Go check their website, feast your eyes and itchy hands clicking their lines of local and designer's brands.

Basically the night was filled with laughters, karaoke, food and camwhoring. There were nominees like the best dress, the most masculine etc like an Oscar. I cant believe was dragged on the stage by colleagues and sang our discordant version of Untukmu, Feminin. Yeah like those old days...And thanks to hubby for taking care of Hana on that particular night..You're simply the best..;D

And for now, the bed is calling...:)

October 12, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday-When Hana Froyoing..

Sorry blog, no ample time to update lately.Btw Hana turns 8 months already, how time flies. Here's Hana pics froyoing last weekend. No I never give her frozen yogurt like this before, this is her first time tasting something cold and sugary. A very little amount, hujung sudu je. (though I heard yogurt is a great source of protein for babies..).

bosannya..asyik org besar je yang makan..

rasa sikit boleh..

om nom nom...


wink ...

September 18, 2011

Bon Voyage

My brother Anim going off to London to study so he will obviously be dearly missed. Yesterday early in the morning we were at the airport to bid him farewell. He did his A Level in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) and now going to further his study to London School of Economics (LSE) under Bank Negara scholarship. Sometimes i get confused with this guy. After committing his brain for the good 5 years of his life in science stream class and got a good SPM result he changed his mind to further study in accounting+finance+economics whateverr just to be in one of the top university in the heart of London. Gah. I would rather memorize thousands of law cases rather than to study numbers in accounts and economics even I got A one for economics in SPM..Oh forgot my Math result was sucks.haha. But thinking that he's going to be bonded and work with Bank Negara I guess its not a silly choice after all, BNM pays really well, salary and bonus. Is it? This guy is such a nerd so i feel confident he will survive in LSE eventually.

melantak banana choc SR takut x dpt rasa kat sana dah..huhuh..

his KTJ juniors semangat datang hantar..

everything checked!

ok babai..

As happy as we are seeing him furhering his studies, we are worried about his well being there. I hope he can catch up with the life there fast and easy.

So Anim, good luck in your study and dont play2 and remember for God sake the scholarship offered by BNM is our money too.Please use the DSLR that Abah bought wisely i.e. taking pictures of any good bargain handbags since u're going to be my new shopper ...haha. Remember Allah is watching u and please study extra hard. Ada rezeki kitorang datang melawat.

has landed London safely..siap sambut ngan banner..

* Oh, Selamat Hari Malaysia (belated)...mrgreen

September 08, 2011

Post raya 2011...

Nothing much to update on. Wow time sure does fly in a jiffy when u're in your best mood. Suddenly Ramadhan is over, raya holiday was like a dream and now u're at the office, back to reality with files and bosses chasing your butt.. But true, I still wanna enjoy my raya holiday. I dunno while I hate office so much these days, negative aura here and there, 3 days of working after raya holiday is like 3 weeks already. I wanted to resign and become a housewife , taking care of Hana. But thinking that I don't have extra talent like making fancy cupcakes or sewing for extra side income, better put that daydream aside. hahah. duh,cant wait for weekend.

Still in the month of Syawal, its never too late to wish everyone who stumble upon this blog Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Overall I had great time spending raya be it at in laws (first n 2nd raya) and at parents house the following days. It was awesome since this is my first raya as a mommy!Raya was truly much much fun with Hana around, excited to doll her up, guess raya holidays were too short she didn't manage to get fashion up with all her new raya outfit. Its ok then, raya kan sebulan.;p

random pic..

First raya 'bertiga'.

Hana Sofea in her first baju kurung..control ayu

alamak nampak nappy, hilang ayu dah..

I wish i was a kid, so I can collect packets money like a cashier machine. Jealous.

Never get tired of raya dishes. Thinking where to go for raya this weekend.mrgreen

August 01, 2011


Hows your fasting today?Mine is pretty much under control besides worrying too much that it will deplete my milk supply for Hana. Yups i am very concern about doing this whilst I am still exclusively breastfeeding..I have read numerous articles mentioning that nursing while fasting somehow will not only affect the quantity but also the quality of the breast milk. Hana's turning 6 month old this month and I'm about to start giving her solid so she has other eating option besides milk especially during this fasting month. So there's other alternatives, there is no reasonable excuse not to fast although breastfeed women have that special permission during Ramadhan..hehe.

I think as long as I don't skip sahur and drink plenty of water I'll be fine.;)

So happy fasting everyone and let's make the best of it since we've been given another opportunity by Him to experience this again.
Feasting your eyes on the first Ramadhan with this delicious red velvet I ordered from Yantie. She baked the yummiest RV that really suits my tastebud at least..;p *salivating already*

RV anyone??

Terdapat 58 balasan pahala untuk wanita dan 3 di antaranya ialah:

1) " Wanita yang memberi minum susu kepada anaknya dari badannya (susu badan) akan mendapat satu pahala dari tiap - tiap titik susu yang diberikannya."

2) "Jika wanita menyusui anaknya sehingga 2 1/2 tahun maka malaikat-malaikat di langit akan khabarkan berita bahawa syurga wajib baginya."

3) "Jika wanita memberi susu badan kepada anaknya yang menangis Allah akan memberi pahala satu tahun solat & puasa"


July 21, 2011

On snacks you'd love to try...

A little update so the blog doesn't turn dusty. I've to attend three days conference at PICC presented by the people from the World Bank which is definitely not my stuff. Very international, very economics, with data,statistics and maths. Erk. Thank God today is the last day and I guess my brain already went stale. (*_*)..

I need a happy snacks to keep me sane.

Sis in law just returned from S'pore and came knocking at the door at 1 o'clock this morning to pass this...

A bag full of Caramel Crisp Garrett popcorn that everyone was fussing about..razz

Still fresh. Just can't stop popping 'em into your mouth. Sweet luscious caramelized and crispy...

Like Oprah said, it's the best popcorn on the planet! LOL.

There you go, my pre-Ramadhan post...wink

July 06, 2011

Sham's Party..

My colleague a.k.a bestmate, Sham turns ancient recently. 30 is seriously a freaky number. I thought last year's birthday celebration is enough, this year she did it again...Last Sunday she hosted her birthday party again at RACTAR. The theme was orange and white. It was a chill, laugh and eat weekend we forgot the next day is Monday. A day of small and simple joys with the orphans, friends, husband and little Hana tagged along..

with the bday girl..

2 moms, 1 single lady and a newly wed...girls always be girls-_-

Sham's holding the youngest orphan at RACTAR. Poor baby, she's only 5 month old..

Thank God Hana wasn't cranky at all despite the hot weather...

I wanted to give Sham this mug customized by Kak Emi as a little birthday present at the first place...

Unfortunately due to the careless handling by Pos Laju, it didn't come intact and I had to cancel it! Was so frustrated and so did Kak Emi. She did blog about it here.

And now I owe her another present and scratching my head on what to give her.sad

July 01, 2011


Our big boss or should I say the most powerful person in the office was leaving yesterday. Before joining our department, she already retired and eventually got offered to be the Director General for another good 3 years on contract basis. Frankly, this is the least favourite person in the office, you know, boss will always be boss. Being bossy all around, shouting, throwing tantrums and so on. Whenever anyone of us gets scolded in her room or during meetings, we were just making fun out of it and never took anything to heart because she is the boss and she's old, we must respect the elder she did what the boss should do. The weather will be gloomy when she’s around and the moment she entered the office will go silent. Nah ,I lied. She’s strict and firm with the staff and there times we were annoyed by her antics, but at the end, she would be the person that we look up to for advice regarding work and sometimes on personal matters.

We used to count the day when she’ll be leaving the office for good. And the day somehow arrived yesterday. So the office threw her a surprise farewell. I’m not sure whether this is a farewell party or literally a party to “celebrate” her departure because the meeting room suddenly was full of blue and white balloons.

the least we cld do is to wear blue and white for the farewell..;p

sorry for the face 'pixelating'.

My jaw dropped when she mentioned her plan after retiring. She's going to do chambering. I mean seriously, at 59 years old??!! She must be kidding. She'll be the 'bossiest' chambee student ever..haha. But there’s no limit in learning and I hope she’ll finish it until called to the Bar.

New big boss coming in and it’s time to test the water. I hate this part.I can smell death, need my life jacket then.Duh. The rest can wait but let's just enjoy the weekend first...

June 29, 2011

Shopping Diet

So the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival(MMSC) is back again. What a relief that I' haven't "terjebak" with the mega carnival thingy yet and spend money buying unnecessary things cool .I always end up buying things that I don't really want or need at the first place. Since MMSC started I think I just bought one top for myself and some stuff from Mothercare for my sis in law's newborn though it's killing me to grab some rompers or cute shirts for Hana. (Mothercare is on sale now!!). Ok.Must. keep. that way.

Unfortunately I guess I cannot stop. Yes I can control myself from buying things in physical stores but not virtually. When typing this, I find myself browsing online shopping websites and clicking the add to cart button while doing mental calculation of the total amount in my head. Not to mention the parcel I received almost everyday at the office. I can self claim that I have bad online shopping addiction! Even Facebook becomes the medium that triggers shopping now. Plus it becomes worse when Hana born since I keep checking out baby stuffs and bought them online. I become hooked and obsessed to it .I cant even take my hands off the keyboard browsing the online stores while doing my routine milk pumping session for Hana at 3 am in the morning. I dunno, but even there are so many forms to fill out and clicking, you still proceed to buy the items. Once u pop, u just cannot stop it.

I think I have to be more sensible from now on. I mean starting from today. I have to diet. Here some tips about breaking online shopping addiction found on the net that might be useful:

1. Tell someone that you have an Internet Shopping Addiction. The first thing that you have to do to break any addiction is to admit that you have a problem. You need to admit this out loud to someone else so that you can be held accountable for the problem.( most of my friends said shopping is a therapy, that might not help either)
2. Add up the math. Take a good hard look at your credit card statements, debit card information and PayPal accounts. See how much you’ve spent on online shopping in the past month and the past year. See what you’ve purchased. Getting a good hard look at what you’re spending can make you better understand that this is a serious problem and that you need to get a grip on it. ( my husband used to advise me about this, but I just couldnt do it..cry)
3. Establish some rules for your online shopping. Most people won’t go cold turkey so you need to set some rules. Create a limit for what you’ll spend each month or limit yourself to only shopping at certain online stores.
4. Figure out a way to enforce those rules. The problem with addiction is that you’ll want to break those rules so you have to find a way to enforce them. Hide all of your credit cards except one with a limit that is lower than your monthly budget or block yourself from certain sites using computer blocking technology.( err I still have maybank2u, so how?rolleyes)
5. Delete all of your favorite shopping sites from your favorites. Make it harder for yourself to visit the sites where you spend the most money.( I cant, I have hundreds or thousands of online websites bookmarked on the PC!!eek)
6. Use the Angry Email rule. We all know that we shouldn’t send impulsive angry emails to our bosses or our children’s teachers because we usually don’t mean what we say. Most of us take a breather and wait before composing potentially dangerous emails. Get in the same habit with online shopping. Walk away from the computer and consider your purchase.
7. Get out of the house. The more that you’re home, the more that you’ll be online. The more that you’re online, the more likely it is that you’ll shop online. Get away from home, go get some exercise and don’t spend that money.( but i also do online shopping during office hours.)
8. Implement tools for saving money online. You probably aren’t going to give up all Internet shopping so you need to start getting in the habit of using smart online shopping tools like discount codes, comparison shopping and good auction sites. Be careful, though, because it can be easy to worsen your addiction with mis-use of these things.
9. Assess your spending. This isn’t fun but it’ll give you a good understanding of why you have this addiction in the first place. Look closely at when you shop and why. Many people shop because they get an emotional thrill out of it or they’re getting revenge against a partner by spending money. Address the underlying issues surrounding your Internet Shopping Addiction.
10. Get professional help. If you can’t get your Internet Shopping Addiction under control then it may be time to get professional help from a support group or counselor.

Yeah,but i dont think the tips work for me..sad Help!
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