April 22, 2008

Another year older..

It is lovely, when I forget all birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me.
~Ellen Glasgow

I had a lovely day...Thank you so much everyone for the flowers,cake,presents and the good wishes, they helped make my day perfect...


the bouquet that came to the office door ...tq soo much...xoxo ^-^

oh n this one should be much more interesting...

the clash between Barca n Man U tomorrow...

Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you have not committed.~Anthony Powell

April 08, 2008

Tensi tension...

I'm so pissed off. Well, I'm not suppose to write bad things about people in my blog and had promise to stop 'komplen' with anything related to WORK but I just can't. I have to vomit certain things out in here so I can concentrate with my work then. What would you do if your boss is such an annoying lady who always chases your butt even when u stick it to your chair. Though she's not the one who directly pay my salary but still..i'm under her supervision.Extremely under her supervision.

She's particularly don't do anything bad towards me but sometimes her "I'm the boss here anyway" attitude is just super annoying.. This lady currently not in speaking term with my clerk and she drags me along with this problem. She asked me to stay away from this clerk and instead of neutralize everything to normal as a boss she just make things worst. She's been so paranoid of the whole thing, and whenever the clerk get into my room to send files and asks questions relating to work, she keeps buzzing my phone asking what the clerk told me as if we have nothing else to do but bitching her. She said she want to 'pressure' the clerk to leave the firm by any means that her immature little brain can think of. Now I'm bitching her since she asked me to move to another room so she can see whether the clerk has guts to talk to me about her again.Of cos not a single word. Because by using her absolute veto power, she forced me to move into HER ROOM!!!she'd put extra table in!!!Psychoo..

I need some space and air.I feel I want to scream and bitching at her but those words only echoed in my heart..duh.

April 02, 2008

Wallet saya...

Dah lama tak buat benda2 tag ni...saya sudah ditag sama itu Nana,loyer pencen yang tak pernah bagi saya link blog die,censored katanya.Nak jaga hati kawan,saya buatla tag ni...

Apa ada dalam wallet saya:-

1.Kad pengenalan-penting..

2.Kad bank-5 keping-2 je boleh guna

3.Driving license-lesen je renew tetiap tahun,drive takot..

4.Membership card Bodyshop

5.Kad prudential BSN Takaful

6.Business card sendiri dan orang lain

7.Kad warranty jam Casio yang dibeli untuk seseorang

8.Gambar berukuran passport seseorang-gambar sendiri takde..

9.Kad mesin fotostat library Bar Council

10.Membership card Jusco

11.Calendar Converse 2007

12.Duit Kertas 5 Euro-still simpan buat kenang-kenangan masa jln2 dulu.

13.Setem 30 sen

14.Resit2 shopping..

Ok, tu je.Elok jugak buat benda ni,at least bolehla saya buang sampah sarap yang memberatkan purse saya ni..

oh,kena tag 5 orang...;)


Kalau rajin,sila buat dan sila tag 5 org lagi..^-^

*takde court,tahap boring to the max,so post benda ni dgn agak skema...;p
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