February 18, 2008

When Devil bounce back...

Nani in his somersault style..

4-0?The Devil was not so evil to extend another goal towards the Gunners and the forth goal from Fletcher at the 74 minutes of the game was just enough... it's ok if we lost to Man City last week cos we have mended the broken heart and demolished the league leader's hopes in the FA Cup...a sweeet revenge..;) just enough...

All i can say..it was a humiliating defeat for the championship rivals to lost 4 nil with Man U when they are five point lead at the top of the premier league ..:)

Perhaps there is a long way to go and hope United get a physiological advantage from this victory in the next games remaining.

...and hope the Ac Milan don't sprinkles too much salt into the Gunner's wounds in the next Champion League match.hehe..

And I wanna sing:
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
And the reds go marching on, on, on.


February 12, 2008

Feng Shui???

Just got back from Bangi court, feel a little bit upset when the judge urged me to withdraw my case today.Urgh,i hate judges..

As I walked into the office today,I noticed some new stuff in my room.At first i thought this has something to do with the Chinese New Year mood but the office manager told me that the feng shui master asked her to do so.She claimed that my room is a 'cronic area' where the bad spirit lies..what the...??So she put these:

the red cushion on my chair.

this vase where they called it 'pokok duit' ( in order to bring some 'ong' to the office)

this lamp..i dont know what it is called.I was told to keep it on 24 hours,but i switch it off..haha

the red rug under my table...??

...and I'm not that curious to inquire her the rational and the purpose of each stuff above as far as feng shui is concerned.Ok, my big boss is so much into this feng shui stuff where he believes that feng shui is a theory which affects your surroundings and environment n causes many subtle changes to your mental state.And according to him,somehow it also affects the profit and the prosperity of the office. I've been informed that for this 2008 feng shui,my table cannot face north..I found this thing is seemingly innocuous trend but to say that my room is a cronic area relating to this feng shui thingy is a total nonsense,and plus he said all these things are needed to get rid of all the bad spirits..heh.. and ironically, my boss is a Muslim+ Malay, and so is my office manager.

Relating to this feng shui stuff, I guess there is a logic to the fact that your environment affects you for e.g.in terms of the arrangement of the furniture n so on but I don’t believe in Feng Shui as the people who practise it- cos i think they are totally superstitious.Muslims are taught to put their trust in Allah and I’m just glad that i dont have to invest in the feng shui master to ensure prosperity in my life.Allah knows best.

Do you believe in feng shui??

My own love feng shui said that I have to be more expressive in loving someone in order to make myself happy..(^^)
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