November 24, 2007

Air oh Water...

So, I am home for 2 days.
What a lovely feeling.

We have no water here at home today.The whole Taman Inderapura. It started last night,the water getting slower and slower. so the first thing I did when I got up this morning was checking the water pipes, hoping to hear water flushing sound…no drops, not a single drop at all.Argh,tension sungguh. Camne nak mandi ni. We packed all the necessary things, and off we went to my dad's office with 2 cars, had a very nice shower there.

Reminiscing this water dilemma back in hostel life,things was different.It was hard though.But, I was lucky since the hostel is quite near to my house.So when most of the students were suffering searching for water before subuh prayer, I called my dad to pick me up.Went home, along with 2 or 3 friends who want to tumpang mandi ,without informing the warden and skipped the jamaah(congregational) subuh prayer.(Back in school time,solat jamaah is a MUST,which I occasionally skip.) We got back, fresh, after having a proper bath not like the rest of the students.Haha.Then pretendedly asked, 'korang ,mandi kat mana tadi?" Their answers would be, teacher's toilet,bus terminal or tak mandi langsung.'Korang?' With a big smile on our faces...we replied,'hehe samala, kitorang pon.'

Oh how I miss those days...

So if without water or without electricity(heh), which one do u prefer?..;)

Oh btw, the water just got back to normal this evening..

and..kekalahan man u td takde kena mengena ngn kalahnya england was just a luck from bolton's side..ish..

November 15, 2007

UPS arrr...

UPSR result was released yesterday and will be announced in every school today. As usual since our father works in PPD, we tend to know the results of every exams earlier than anyone else. Same goes to my twin sisters. Last night one of the twins, Ihah called me informing her UPSR result. She got straight A’s in her UPSR but not her other twin. Ilah got 4A's and a B in Science. I know she’s so disappointed since both of them are mostly equal in academic performance. Well I think that’s good enough coz I myself never get straight A’s in my exams as well, back in school time.. have played thru the primary and secondary years of study and regretting for not putting the best effort in the study..who cares,still went to Uni what..haha

To Nabilah aka Ilah, 4A, ok la tu. Janganla sedih2..To both of u, congrats! u girls rock!

The twins-Ihah + Ilah=2 budak busuk.=p

~hate math n science so much, so deserve to be what I am now..huhuh.
-was born intelligent, but education ruins me..;p

November 05, 2007

In the nick of time...

Lama sungguh tidak ber man united di sini..

After all, 2-2..the match was a draw.

How come in the nick of time that William Gallas who had earlier scored an own goal, grabbed an injury-time equaliser and denied Man U to go back to top spot in the Premier League!!

Man U almost won the match but mistake by Van Der Sar in the last minute gave Arsenal the equalising goal...!!I dont think it's anyone fault though,defending a 1 goal lead is always hard during the last few minutes of a game and the Gunners just struck lucky with the equalise..and it was an even game..

Failed to clear the ball and we were punished. Gunners was damn lucky to get that last goal...damn lucky..But a draw at the Emirates was not bad, we'll get them back at Old Trafford.We'll see...

and still..Glory2 Man U!!^0^
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