September 21, 2010

Syawal 2010...

Raya mood still on and all around lorr..I still hate the fact that loong raya break is over and now back to normal routine. Pretending to ignore the piling work! Shesh.sad

This raya it's my turn to celebrate the first day of raya at my hometown. Last year was at hubby's. So i had the chance to taste mom's cooking especially lemang with rendang and kuah kacang. There are my favourites...tho we don't have any real ketupat in the house since none of the family members know how to anyam ketupat, just good in preparing the express ketupat Nona . (Itupun hangus 33 packs pada malam raya since semua orang sibuk main bunga api kat luar or isi duit dalam sampul sampai tak de sape yang tengokkan air yang dah kering!. The result, beli yang lain and rebus balik.huhu) By the way, still managed to taste the real ketupat when we got back to in law's house the second day of raya coz my father in law is good at anyam the ketupat.

We are blessed because my parents and parents in law's house takes only about 1 hour and a half journey away, so going back to PIL's house on the second day of raya and returned to my parent's house on the fifth of raya then to PIL's again on the seventh day like a nomad was not a big hassle.except poor hubby had to do the driving while i was just enjoying my beauty sleep in the car. (hey, i just figure out that i spent more extra days at PIL's house ! tak aci ni!!..)

on the way balik kampung- lembu pun nak beraya...

So my raya was pretty routine, visiting relatives in kampung, testing and commenting the taste of kuih raya in every houses visits, giving duit raya to siblings and smaller cousins, loading the tummy with glorious food and etc. The different is, starting this year we adding another new routine- visiting our baby's grave. We went there only on the third day of raya since the graveyard situated nearby my PIL's house. I noticed there were another two new small graves besides my baby's grave and mom in law said my baby now has new friends. Yups.He got some new companions to play with. I'm hoping that he doesn't forget this mama that carried him for a good 9 months because she always misses him and think about him a lot. Ok, enough talking about my baby before I get too emotional and sentimental.

Many have asked when i want to do my open house, well the answer is my house always open and feel free to come if u want to taste the kuih raya kering only. Hehe...mrgreen

Syawal is still around so it's never too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin from the bottom of my heart..wink

September 02, 2010

Ramadhan 22..

pics from Brotherhood Arts

We have almost reached the end of Ramadhan, Subhanallah...and yesterday on 22nd of Ramadhan hubby has already paid the zakat at Masjid Putrajaya... it easy nowadays rite because the zakat counters open almost everywhere be it in mosques, shopping malls and even in bazaars. So no excuse for not paying zakat aite. have u do your part?

Just a few days before Ramadhan close its curtain (sigh) and this is such a precious opportunity to focus and upgrade our ibadah to the max..hehe..a reminder for self actually..I know praying Tarawikh have never felt more beautiful than having to do it at the mosque almost every single day but I just perform my congregational tarawikh prayers at home with hubby. Sometimes I tend to get dizzy and nausea standing for the long prayers in surau especially if the imam recite the longer verses of Quran. yeah excuses,excuses, but seriously I'm a tad shy to perform prayer sitting at any surau mainly because I think I look all healthy.confused

For this year, we don't really spend money and go to bazaar Ramadhan so often and guess that's a good thing because usually the food will end up in the trash. Since we' are leaving KL next week for balik kampung, so towards the end of this week I just dig in whatever we have in the fridge and try to finish all the left raw stuffs. Like yesterday we just had this for iftar..

1. ikan bawal sweet sour
2.sayur kangkung belacan
3. telur dadar with cheese and sausage ?? (hubby cooked this but it still edible mrgreen)
4. 2 karipap goreng segera

see, no bazar ramadhan will try to finish the fresh chicken in the fridge, perhaps simple nasi ayam will do..wink

What about this weekend..hmm..iftar at MIL's house of

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