January 28, 2008


I changed my mind..haha..i cannot stand with the previous dark template.it gave me a real headache whenever i lay my eyes on it.and think this one's better though its quite pastel-ish..well,as long as its pink..heh.. and for those who like the previous skin,sorry i cannot stick to that one..

last weekend was great..

-spent some time with Mr H at Mid on Saturday,watching movies,Cuci to be specific,n had a yummylicious ice-cream @ Haagen Dazs..

-second futsal session on sunday,only 6 turned up..me,hida,atie,ayu,nadira n zaza,not forgotten,kak e-ta as a supporter.3 players for each team and everyone took turn to be the goalie sebab pancit+10 minutes stop n rest for every 15 minutes match..haha

-after the match,we headed to Sunway Pyramid,went for some sort of so-called window shopping,n it was Hida who begged us to watch this movie despite zaza's objection-Sweeney Todd-scary-bloody movie..

-i was enjoying the weekend too much that i actually forgot that i've an interview tomorrow..duh:(

January 25, 2008

New home..

One of my 2008 resolutions is having a new home for my blog...think this one is quite dark and gloomy compared to my previous templates..i hate it actually, but too lazy to change and edit the background colour and the entire blog by hosting the coding on my own..nevermind lah,just stick to dis one first..

About the new template...You can access to my other links and tag board when u click on the "pull" string.. you can still comment on my entries.. just click on the number next to the date..my previous entries are at the bottom of the page..will update later..c ya..;)

January 19, 2008


..caught 'glimpse' of some VIP's around court lately due to the VK Lingam's hot video inquiry.I didnt follow the whole inquiry and didnt give a damn about it..!only think it just another pleasant entertainment for the Malaysian as they await for the General Election..heh

Responding to Afzan's blog,I'm putting this.

Listen to the rap..correct,correct..can be the best selling album by a hot lawyer in town..haha..

January 08, 2008

Law 20 n friends...

a quick update..new link on the blog..;)

Finally Law 20 has its own blog..kindly visit law20andfriends.blogspot.com ...^_^

January 03, 2008


..click for the bigger image..

.. dunno why I posted this.Mungkin keboringan tahap melampau kerana takde court harini, dan terpaksa stay kat ofis sampai petang...hish...

...sabar2, esok dah jumaat..hihi..\(^^)/
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