November 27, 2006

Saturday Sauna...

Saturday always used to be my favourite day but not when it demanding me to go to office in the morning on this day. So here comes the taboo for me which will appear 2-3 times in a month--working on Saturday.I hate Saturday especially when I cant go back to my hometown, forcing myself to stay in this polluted city (a friend called it concrete jungle) and plus, I have to sit in front of the computer finishing my unfinished business. But thank God this week, me and a friend purposely registered our name in this 'potentially boring' law seminar on Saturday morning so we can construct a very smart and reasonable excuse for not being able to go to office on that day. And the reason was surely convincing enough. A very brilliant idea from Syitah.Haha.. (wink wink)

So we went to the seminar at KL Bar. The talk was presented by a lawyer Mr Michael Soo. Well, a pretty interesting topic I can say, about practical aspects of registration and intellectual property rights, trademarks and bla... bla. However, I must admit that everytime I went to the seminar like this,no matter how hard I tried and how interesting the discussion was, I could only listen attentively for about less than an hour, and the rest... either daydreaming or falling half asleep..huhu.. Fuhgedabouidit.

Actually, we have decided earlier to go for a sauna at the Traders Hotel in the afternoon. Mind you, it was a free sauna, since Lorraine's bro stayed in the hotel; we dont have to pay a single cent unless you want to try the spa. The Traders Hotel is just about 10 minutes walking from KLCC, so off we went there. It was raining lightly when we reached at the sauna room and such a perfect time to have a peace of mind. The room was small, cozy and warm and after changing, 3 of us shoved ourselves inside. We sat in there trying to relinquish everything that blocking our mind; the pressure in court yesterday seemed to fade away from my mind, relaxing, whiles the room getting warmer and hotter. Our faces went flushed and we were sweating quite fast bcoz of the high temperature of the room and it made me feel healthier, honestly.( u sweat a lot like u've been circling around the school field 10 times but the different is you're not that tired). We sat in there for quite sometimes and get out of the room before we got steamed inside. I believe u should give a try as well.

After 'lepaking' in Lorraine's room, we went to KLCC again and since the year end sale is not here yet so no use for window shopping when u have limited RM in your pocket, I spent time with Moja sitting behind the bookshelves reading inspirational and motivational books at Kinokuniya for hours (trust me I am not a bookworm type and not that boring person..haha). I returned home at nite with smile stapled to my face thinking that at least today my working day was not as boring as I thought it would be. A bunch thanx to u girls:

Syitah- at least I don't have to sit in the seminar alone.
Lorraine- thanks for inviting me to that sauna-really had a great time
Moja- Nice to know u. I don't know u love cats and inspirational books too ..hehe

Have I told u that the skies are perfectly blue and the fluffy clouds are like white swans floating in the sky? No more haze.yay! \(^_^)/

Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it- Danny Kaye

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Anonymous said...

bersauna mmg best,tapi try spa la..laagi feels like heaven..:)

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