March 12, 2009


Meet this boy or should I say the guy again, Anim. It’s been a while since my last entry about him in here and yes he has grown up. Ish, time flies so fast. And now I am posting about his new achievement in his SPM result today. Well Anim got 10A1 !!! yay! solid A1's !! Two thumbs up plus my toes...haha. And that is absolutely outstanding!! ..I used to call you a geek or a nerdy but now I have to admit that u’re undeniably A GENIUS (just exaggerating.hehe)... *u deserve a standing ovation from me* (walaupun tak nampak.;))

Before the result coming out , Anim is already in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and he really want to kick himself out of that uni. He always dreamed to continue his study abroad and now with that result I believe he can pursue his dream anywhere he wished for. God willing, Insya-Allah.

Opps..almost forgot, my sis in law Syidah also got 8A 1B out of 9 subjects in her SPM. Not bad at all. so double joyy..;)

* pic has been cropped since it contains indecent image..;p

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Shellsea said...

fuyooh, terernye adik hang. haha, tgk tak liverpopo ngn man u lawan.apa barang kalah teruk sampai 4-1..=p

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