September 18, 2011

Bon Voyage

My brother Anim going off to London to study so he will obviously be dearly missed. Yesterday early in the morning we were at the airport to bid him farewell. He did his A Level in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) and now going to further his study to London School of Economics (LSE) under Bank Negara scholarship. Sometimes i get confused with this guy. After committing his brain for the good 5 years of his life in science stream class and got a good SPM result he changed his mind to further study in accounting+finance+economics whateverr just to be in one of the top university in the heart of London. Gah. I would rather memorize thousands of law cases rather than to study numbers in accounts and economics even I got A one for economics in SPM..Oh forgot my Math result was sucks.haha. But thinking that he's going to be bonded and work with Bank Negara I guess its not a silly choice after all, BNM pays really well, salary and bonus. Is it? This guy is such a nerd so i feel confident he will survive in LSE eventually.

melantak banana choc SR takut x dpt rasa kat sana dah..huhuh..

his KTJ juniors semangat datang hantar..

everything checked!

ok babai..

As happy as we are seeing him furhering his studies, we are worried about his well being there. I hope he can catch up with the life there fast and easy.

So Anim, good luck in your study and dont play2 and remember for God sake the scholarship offered by BNM is our money too.Please use the DSLR that Abah bought wisely i.e. taking pictures of any good bargain handbags since u're going to be my new shopper ...haha. Remember Allah is watching u and please study extra hard. Ada rezeki kitorang datang melawat.

has landed London safely..siap sambut ngan banner..

* Oh, Selamat Hari Malaysia (belated)...mrgreen

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emz said...

apa lagi aje, plan la cuti2 london anda :)

dura m. said...

Ja. I was not good with numbers too. Eh silap. I am. Hahahaha. Sebab mmg drpd dulu sampai skrg tak terer math, walau mcm ko ckp, ekonomi dpt 1. Kikikiki. Well, that makes us different drpd course lain. Even ms kat matrics dlm class madam nik salida, she was calculating some formula kat white board, and ada suara2 ckp, ' madam. Salah la madam kira tu'

Then dia jawab, 'ala. Saya mmg tersalah. Tapi, awak semua atau budak2 law lain pn sama sekapal jugak dgn saya. Math hancur'


That incident was 11 years ago, tapi, i can still remember it clearly.

~Serenity~ said...

emma- emma! tula gi london kna kumpul tabungan lebih sikit sbb nk gi berlin skali melawat emma junior..haha.wah rindu ms time backpacking gamble berdua gi uk dulu.Insya-Allah ada rezeki..;p

dura- haha..sama2.bab kira mengira ni mmg blur.kalau beli brg, cashier salah bagi balance pon bukan kisah nk kira balik..hehe.math is my enemy.x suka3x..hehe
math mod pon tahpape inikan nk amik addmath.sbb tula kita mampu amik law je.kalau accounts ke, sciences ke kompem hancur, x qualify lngsung..hehe

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