April 29, 2007

Tagging game...again??!!

Ok, to be brutally honest, I hate tagging game..But since I 've been tagged by Asni and i hate letting people down, will still doing it (thinking that i'll be away from Internet stuff for sufficient time after this..huhu).

the rules of this particular blog tag game are:

- On the left side, choose the year you turn 18, click.
- Get yourself nostalgic over the songs of the year.
- Write something about how those songs affected you.
- Pass it on to 5 or more friends of yours.

The year I turned 18 was 2001. Matric year,didn't really like it since i considered it as a very stressful year for me..have to think about study and study when u have to learn something new(law thing)..Thus I dont think I have any nostalgic song that significant to me either...

Since I've flushed most of my 18 years old memories away, here are the songs which dont have much stories to tell about..

1.Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm- the ringtone for my Nokia3310..what more canggih than Nokia 3310 at that time..haha
2. Superman- Five For Fighting- this song inspired me so much during study..."its not easy to be me..."
3.Get The Party Started - Pink- this song was played when my roommates threw a surprise birthday party for me...was touched..
4.Hero - Enrique Iglesias- my roommate loves this song so much, she would screaaam whenever this song was aired..whateverr
5.With Arms Wide Open - Creed-nothing much, just love the song..

that's all...just to satisfy this tagging stuff, I choose:

It's a MUST do game..haha

Sometimes....music can heal our soul..^^

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