April 22, 2007


..the fifth one is ACCEPTANCE...erghh..so I'm a year older, still have to accept the truth anyway...
thanks everyone for the wishes..

Dear roses..please dont go wilt and fade away before I get to see u...
~to the anonymous sender who sent me the roses and the 'pink hyppo' today ... thank you sooooo much...^^

And for this time around, I pray and wish that God makes me healthy thru out the years of my life..so I can always remember the persons I love and care for...

... to my bro In who's gonna turn 22 tomorrow..Happy Birthday to you too..

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.-Abraham Lincoln

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xodrop's said...

happy birthday aja:)

hehe no offense. but sumhow that 4 syndromes of getting a year older thing reminds me so much of the '5 steps of dying process' which are

im pretty sure the guy who made this take it from here;))

i learnt this during my psychology class years ago. if you follow House series, there;s also an episode regarding this.

anyway, aja kerje mane skang?sape ye y bg bunge tu? hmmm heheehe

asni said...

u've been tagged!! hehe

Mazliza~ Aja said...

muna, maybe kot sbb birthday(getting older) is part of aging process and aging is part of dying process..erkk btol ke ni..relate la tu kot..huhu..think i missed that episode..

kje still in kl tp start awal bln 5..wish me luck..;))

Asni, tagging game lagi ke..adeh..nntila buat ye..^^"

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