May 12, 2007

If only I knew...

ANDAI KU TAHU-UNGU...heard this song from Mar's blog..and curi..hehe..At least it's different from other typical love or cintan cintun songs by an indon band...should only have faith in heart that death is inevitable, when its written... its sealed.

Well life is complicated, that what makes it interesting, and it’s too short to be wasted... so I only have trust in God and nothing else, my life is His to do what He pleases, and every day I thank Him for the blessing and opportunities that He gave me.

~~I always have these skills-to make people believe that things are fine, happy and oh so no troubles. I smile a genuine smile putting up a happy face, laugh the way I always do. It’s not that I’m fake; I just don’t wanna be the person to bring rain clouds on a leash and share it with others. I want to be the one who’ll make people feel better or even reconsider their situation, who brings flowers and shine to other people…often forgetting me, because I think that’s better. Way better..

Another pathetic posting.. .nothing to do with other’s just me..I think I’m quite disappointed, frustrated, regret, depressed with my new environment right now…I know I’m living in a world where everyone has their own elaborate scripts, the pretender, the backstabber..etc...and I chose to listen, nod and smile but to remain silent. I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel lost...If only I could be less-expecting …yeah right..

My constant reminder is smile to self and stops complaining. Just hoping that everything happens for a reason..

...and yet, I feel I sound so not me..huhu

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nana said...

mcm tak happy je keje..stay la ctu least tak macam kita ni jobless.takde firm nak amik..waaa..

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