January 19, 2010


Heya! It's been a while now since my last update. Too lazy to update the blog since I've nothing much to blog about. Few days left before going back to work next week and I've to admit that I'm not ready for it yet. Not ready in the sense of lazy since it's been almost 2 month now of free ride holiday..heh. and plus not ready to answer people questions about how i feel, what happened and etc2...Like yesterday I bumped into my boss and his wife in Alamanda( went there for lunch with hubby to search for jelly gamat and contact lenses for self) he began to ask me about my condition. But when his curious wife asked what happened actually he had to tell everything that I lost my child after 9 months of pregnancy etc. She gave me the console hug and it just made me sad again since I try to move on and forget now. I have to come to realize that I am not a person to be consoled- I like to console myself..yeah,right. Maybe I am just uncomfortable with the attention it brings. I like to lay low when it comes to something emotional in my life.

Well, forget about it. About the confinement period, since I'm a childless mom, I don't have to look after a child so I didn't have a major problem to observe the confinement method like bertungku, berbengkung, strictly pantang, things like that. I am somewhat lucky because I do not feel the urge to eat anything unnecessary (though the temptation still there) during my confinement. Partly because I was soooo in pain at that time.

Like yesterday, I called a traditional masseuse to massage me again though I've already done with the 3 days massaging by a bidan back in my hometown. I still don't feel comfortable with my body so my hubby suggested me to call this lady who can do the post natal massage. She's from Teratak Sri Cendana, a Malay Traditional Therapy Centre in Bangi. The good thing about it is she has a massage service home to home so you don't have to go to her spa centre on your own. She also offered other services like reflexology, facial, tangas, herbs bath, tungku, sauna etc and traditional massage for men (no worries cos her husband will do it). It was actually really relaxing since you have 2 persons to massage you in your own house. She said I'm too small and I need to gain more weight and eat extra supplement and drink milk. She also reminded her assistant to be gentle on me since she's afraid she might break my bone during the massaging. Funny.Ha-ha..Ok, my current weight is 43kgs now so I need to gain like another 3 to 4kgs to get my ideal weight like before my pregnancy. Hey, I can do that.

I actually enjoy the massages more, the long hourly sessions are something that I look forward to and I still have another session with her this Saturday. But the 'sengkak thing' that she wants to do this Saturday is frightening me..I heard some scary stories about it and it's going to be painful..hmm takutnya..

*sengkak- to place your uterus (peranakan) to its original position..

I've been thinking of changing my blog layout. Since the internet connection is quite slow, maybe I will work on it later..

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wawa said...

nak urut jugak...
ari tu x buat sengkak ke masa kat umah?

Mia said...

hi ja.!glad to hear u'r pantang going well.mcm my sis masa pantang byk sgt temptation,seme bnda nk mkn.nmpak org mkn aiskrim nak,bnda sejuk2 ber ais especially.
perlu minum susu utk menambahkan kalsium dan menguatkan tulang.minum yg panas ok.take care..xoxo

Shellsea said...

salam ja...serius aku tak tau ko dah brsalin n sorry to hear about yr lost.maklumla aku di perantauan skang, tenet cam hampes sket.arini br baca blog ko.
about tukar layout tu aku cabar ko tukar selain kaler pink.amacam.n kalau blh guna yg XML punya sng nak add RSS feed..
chelsea mkn maju skang, man u sejak 2 mnjak ni makin kusut je aku tgk.lama tak borak psl bola ngn ko..hehe.take care ja.

~Serenity~ said...

wa- urutla.byk spa kat bangi tu.ajk yr chinese frens tu. aritu kat umah die tak brani nak sengkak sgt sbb baru lagi.. yg ni kna sengkak smula sbb kedudukan tak betul lg..aiseh.

mia- yups kna start minum susu smula.beli HL yg dlm kotak tu je then nk minum panaskan dlm microwave..hehe

Shellsea- ceruk manala ko duduk kat sana smpai tenet hampeh tu.

hmm mmg plan nak gne yg XML je sbb skang yg ready made banyak yg version tu.malas dah nk susah2 edit byk2.bab yg pink tu tak janji lagi.we'll see later.
alaa..man u satu point je blakang chlsea tu.blh kjr lagi.hsband aku suh jual je berbatov tu, main skang tahpape.

amicus curiae said...

hi aja :)

just dropping by just to say tetibe aku teringatkan kau.u know, the days we bumped into each other in court. missed it. missed u.

take care ye syg.

~Serenity~ said...

hi af! how's india..;)

mmg rindu life lari2 kuar court masuk court dulu. kna bebel ngan judge Session 11 tu.haha.n still tak dpt lupa kau pakai yr black skinny jeans dlm kain sbb tetibe kna pegi court time hari yg takde court.

i miss lepak2 gossiping with u tho.take care...♥~

emma said...


nak share tukang urut bley..:)

~Serenity~ said...

boley2..just roger me..hehe

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