January 29, 2010


Many things happen in the office while I was not around for the past couple months. One of the interesting thing I discover whenever i open the Facebook site on my office PC is the appearance of this page...(click for bigger image)

This reminder always makes me smile. I think it's cool to remind the govt servant but at the same time funny when u still can have an access to it. At first I was quite hesitate to click teruskan ( I feel slight guilty about it) but one of my colleague said..Ala takpe, klik je teruskan and the other staff said..teruskanlah..teruskanlah which reminds me of Agnes Monica song, ..and the word teruskan becomes popular in the office especially everytime they want to have an access to facebook. Well even PM and my dad has facebook.Heh.

I know that many people can find facebook very addictive and the thought of getting off Facebook leaves you in stress . I guess I’m not one of the increasing number of facebook addicts. I don't check facebook or update my status constantly like certain people do. During office hour I just open it in the morning and then just read for any notifications thru e-mail. Frankly, i did sneak time for about 2 or 3 minutes just to reply some friends comments on my status after reading the notifications from e-mail.. hehe. But now since there's an existence of Internet access at home and directly thru phone, clicking to the so called social website is not a must for me during office hour (minus lunch hour of cos..;p). It amazes me how some people spent wee hours on facebook playing games on it or update their facebook status frequently like more than three or four times a day.

It was annoying when you're friend-requested by countless total strangers in order to promote their business or just adding you to increase the number in their friend's lists. And no I don't add my boss in my friend's list. =) ...Sometimes I find facebook is taking over our social activities, I mean real physical activities when u can do the farming or baking cake on facebook.haha.. Another thing u just tag people's name on your wedding card and consider it as done for the sake of invitation. As simple as that. I'm afraid that the tradition of sending wedding card by post will become extinct just like the routine of sending hari raya card during festive season.

Facebook is awesome when u can find your long lost primary school friends or people u haven't seen for ages since u can view everyone's friend lists as soon as you connect with one person. I just happen to spend some time on it but not an addict and so far the most important and relieve thing is that I think I dont ignore my work in favour of facebook.Ceewah.

It looks an essay to me now. Better stop. haha. Btw, my husband doesn't have a facebook account and I think it's better to stay that way...( Biar saya saje yang wakilkan) Hehe..

Just to share with you 10 warning signs that you may be addicted to Facebook (from an e-mail):-

1. Facebook is your home page.

2. You update your status more than twice a day.

3. You have over 500 "friends" half of whom you've never actually met.

4. As soon as you step away from your computer you're on FB on your phone.

5. You are a FB stalker. You qualify as a FB stalker if you :

a) click on someone's profile more than once a day even if they haven't messaged or tagged you in a photo.

b) have dragged and dropped more than 3 FB photos (not from your own profile)

6. You change your profile picture frequently, every week or worst, everyday.

7. You have checked your FB page while reading this article.

8. You clean up your "wall" so it looks like you spend less time on FB.

9. You are a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every event invitation "attending" even if you have no intention of going.

10. You change your relationship status just to mess with people.

So are you a facebook addict?

* planning to go for carpet hunting this weekend. And wilayah is on holiday this Monday and that means another extra break..yippie!!

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HiDa said...

Hi Aja..miss you. Wei aku mmg Facebook addict tp aku takkan bgtau mana satu category yg aku fall into, haha

Happy working. Macam aku, takkan nk buang Lan from my friend's list, haha although he is my boss ;)

~Serenity~ said...

hi hida. ala bgtaula.msti ske main game farming ape ketah tu or spy.aku teka je.hehe

serius tak sangka u work with lan now. dulu sama dock brief, skang dah jd yr boss.nnti in future blh jadi partner kat firm die...;)

arie:) said...

kita boleh geng la aja..aku rasa aku lagi addicted masa zaman frenster feymes2 dulu..haha

HiDa said...

Kau akan amazed ble aku bgtau category apa nnt. Itu kena bgtau privately, hehe. Tp aku x reti la nk main2 game kt fb, xde masa. 2la skang jd ofis manager dia. Same cmne aku manage group dock brief dlu wlaupn dia ketua, haha. Partner? Emm..

~Serenity~ said...

arie- yup2 tapi skang friendster tak best cam dulu.confusing, dah mmg tak bukak dah.plus most of our friends dah migrate to facebook.

hida- haha..ok then.aku pun tak pnh try main game kat fb.ofis manager, okla tu.lama2 naik pngkat jd partner plk.;D

Nana said...

ja,ok lagi tu.my ofis block FB terus.yg klakarnye frndster tak plak.pelikkan.
i'm not FB addict tapi kdg2 kalau takde FB kat ofis, boring gak esp time tgh tension2.thanx to technology,at least still blh browse thru fon.

~Serenity~ said...

haha..sabar jela.yr bos suke bukak fster kot.tak diperkenalkan lg dgn FB..:h:

Caffeine Addict said...

very subtle way of telling 'oit curi tulang ke?' hehehe
dulu masa kat chambers sure keluar 'this activity is being monitored bla... bla... bla...'

btw, miss u sooooooo much aja!!!!

~Serenity~ said...

yup2..maksud tersiratnye woi jgn mengular!..haha.miss u too la ayu, klau dtg ptrajaya calling2 la..s'pore n ptrajaya tak jauh pun...hehe

ARADIA said...

Aja, tolong lah rasa bersalah bila kau "teruskan". Hehehe.

~Serenity~ said...

tak rasa brsalah sgt..breaking the rules is my hobby..hihi :f:

cinot said...

mcm tau je sapa yg ckp soh teruskan tu :k:

~Serenity~ said...

Cinot- ahahaha..tau takpe...:c:

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