December 28, 2006

Bravo Bro!!

Dear Muhammad Tasnim aka my specky, brainy, nerdy bro, congrats on your achievement in PMR!!- ..straight 9A’s, flying colours!

You should be proud cos I’ve reserved some space to congratulate and publish your face in here..well only the CHOSEN ONE deserves this..kan dah bagitau dulu..haha. You’ve achieved another goal in your life and still bunch more to chase…yet, u’ll be facing another tougher and even more challenging journey after this and hope this success will inspire u to do the best in the next phase of your life..well at least your NOT so-so intelligent sis has overcame half of that challenges and obstacles with …patient... hehe.(wink wink).

I hate to say this (but have to), - I’m proud to have a brother like u and looking forward to see more greater achievements after this.. Silalah buat yang terbaik lagi...My doa is always with u. Kami sekeluarga pasti sentiasa yakin dengan anda..jadi yakinlah dengan diri sendiri..

Anim, I know u will read this but please don’t ‘kembang’ too much..huhu~(^oo^)~

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal!

Great things happened this week..sometimes we dont need reason to smile..just....SMILE.. (^___^)

Cheers for Man Utd ..3-1 tuh..maintain the top of the Premiership..huhu..

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