May 23, 2008

Kings Of Europe..!!

Putting this is a MUST..hehe....

They say the ball is round and in football, the match is never lost until the last kick..and..


It was an awakening match that drags me along until morning,such a heart-stopping drama when United claimed the third European Cup after won 6-5 penalties following a thrilling match that ended 1-1 after extra time.Oh and I feel sorry for Chelsea...

Here goes the event..

Ronaldo leaps high to score his 42nd goals of the season..the game was 1-0 at this point

But Lampard gives an equalizer and made it 1-1 before half-time..

U got a red card!Didier Drogba is sent off after needlessly tapping Vidic..

Almost from hero to come he missed the penalty..spoil je

Van Der Sar is United hero..a brilliant decisive save from Anelka's penalty and give United the Champ League title.

Mr Chelsea,John Terry in agony.It was a cruel game,yes,but thanks for the penalty miss

Run baby run...Manchester United players run to celebrate after Edwin Van Der Sar saves a penalty by Nicolas Anelka..

Devils rule in Moscow..We are the champion !!!

It was a dramatic win over Chelsea.Think this season is one of the most successful for United and hopefully next season would be much much better..:) Next:EURO 2008..

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Anonymous said...

yeahh 9 thn menanti...nak tgk saat2 kemenangan pada penalty kick man u sila tgk di sini..

Mazliza~ Aja said...

thanx..suka betul tgk penalti man u tu esp time JT terslipped masa sepak penalti..tengok sepuluh kali pon tak bosan...;)

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