January 06, 2007

If I were not me...

A friend thru email asked me to answer this..I know these are no other than craps…just doing it for fun-to kill my boring hour..

Have u ever think if you’re not what you r rite now but other ‘thing’ like in the list below. So be grateful of who and what u are. I wonder if:

If I were a colour I'd be :
can I be colourful?

If I were an animal I'd be : a fluffy cuddly cat..that only stays at home...

If I were a book I'd be : Harry Potter-kids love me so much and very eager to read every chapter in me.(I always love Harry Potter series..cant wait for the next book n movie)

If I were a clothing item I'd be : a sweet pink flowered baju kurung-girls look adorable wearing me with their tudung..hehe

If I were a jewel I'd be : the luminosity and shining diamond..

If I were a car I'd be : a red Ferrari? Looking sexy and very rare on the road and ridiculously expensive..only affordable to certain person.(nah, I prefer Honda jazz actually)

If I were an element I'd be : water-people can drink, can bath, can take ablution with me..and I can cool people down..

If I were the weather I’d be : light rain cos if u're lucky, u can see a beautiful rainbow appears after that..

If I were a drink I'd be : the irresistible Ice Blended caramel cappuccino..

If I were an ice cream flavor I'd be: vanilla chocolate chip with melted chocolate on top..yum yum

If I were a person I'd be : the better ME

If I were a planet I'd be : I don’t want to be any planet other than the Earth- I’m not selfish, so that everybody can live happily and breath freely in me ..

If I were an insect I'd be : a butterfly definitely...

If I were public transport I'd be : PUTRA LRT-I love to see tension faces waiting for me especially when there’s a technical problem with me..I can move too slow and too fast and enjoy using my emergency brake whenever I want..huhu

If I were a song I'd be : the national anthem-Negaraku..everybody knows me by heart and I on aired almost every morning during school assembly..

If I were a musical instrument I'd be: an acoustic guitar..

If I were a movie I'd be
shall I be Titanic? The most unforgettable Box-office film ever!You jump,I jump, ..

If I were a season I'd be : spring; when all colourful and beautiful flowers bloom ...but we don’t have spring here..huhu

If I were a flower I'd be : a Rose- people only get me on certain occasion-how special.. hehe

If I were a job I'd be : a teacher-the most noble job ever..have u ever wonder where u stand rite now if there was no teacher who taught u b4?u can't even read, write or count..my dad used to be a teacher and so is my mum..proud of that..

If I were cartoon I'd be: Sakura in Naruto anime.I'm mastered in kungfu and have powerful boyfriends like Naruto and Sasuke..

If I were a place I'd be : Taman Inderapura, Jerantut-there’s no place like home..

If I were a gift I'd be : a super big size soft Teddy Bear-so cuddly-I always love Teddy Bears (grow up la aja oi..)

If I were a memory I'd be : my old school time memory..

If I were a city I'd be : the developed and hi-tech city

If I were a sense I'd be : the sixth sense-a vision maybe?

If I were a game I'd be : the special and limited edition of

PlayStation 3 (kalau adela)

If I were time I'd be : early morning-always fresh and new..

If I were an invention I'd be : the time machine…I can go anywhere I like...

If I were a country I'd be : peaceful, beautiful and calm Ireland..ye ke?

If I were a flavor I'd be : chocolate-no one hates chocolate except those on diet..

If I were a sport I'd be : football-every guys and certain girls in the world love me and this is a sport for a true guy only..

If I were a smell I'd be : my mom’s cooking..making me hungry..

I were a subject I'd be
: Law- dry and boring subject since u have to memorise every cases and all. It’s fun to see frowning faces trying hardly and desperately to understand me..haha

If I were a flag I'd be: Malaysia flag-waving proudly on every school’s poles...

If I were a building I'd be :the mosque-the never empty place, not in a single day..

If I were a month I'd be : the sweet April-when I’m getting older and older every year on this month..duh

If I were a perfume I'd be : the soft and sweet smell..

If I were a toy I'd be : soft toys

If I were a shape I'd be : a heart shape..

If I were an answer I'd be: an answer that makes u think again..haha( eh that's not an answer)..hmm probably an answer to every question..

If I were a tv show I'd be : Alias-tough woman indeed..

If I were a word I'd be : serenity..

Finish...Moral- Jadilah diri sendiri.. ;)

I hate doing this but have to do this -dun have any specific victim for the next target so I’m tagging everyone in My Darlinks list. (do it in your spare time, only if u want..this is not compulsory, bukan juga paksaan)

2 footprint(s):

man utd said...

cik kak camno, pueh hati man u mng..larrson hebat,1st debut pon blh score..tapi dgr nye die stay man u smpai mac je.kan. takpola hang pon chambering smpai mac jgk kan..kuikui

Mazliza~ Aja said...

Tula hopefully die extend stay kat man utd tu terus tak yah blk ke Helsinborg ..nmpak mcm Ferguson sukeje die and nk extend die beyond march for man u but too early to speculate.Anyway, he was impressive..;)

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