January 16, 2007

Booo...Bye Beckham...!

After rumours and speculation , finally David Beckham reached his final decision---moving to Los Angeles Galaxy in one of the biggest deals in football history worth $250 million this summer, which I personally think ‘it’s all about $$$ and the fame thing in Hollywood’.The salary in L.A is 3 times that of the highest-paid player in the Premiership and for a slightly better than an average player like him, I do think the deal is breathtaking and big enough despite his Real Madrid's coach Fabio Capello criticism against him for signing with the Galaxy before informing the Madrid club.

Well, only a personality cult like Beckham, who is the husband of former Spice Girls star, the posh Victoria, can do that. But this may not be an easy task as Beckham is by far not a celebrity in US as he is in Asia or Europe.

In addition, it won’t make any difference, seriously. Mind me if I'm wrong, but I think American could care less with soccer thing as they would rather see Tiger Woods or Maria Sharapova or even football (rugby) in action since soccer is least favourable sport that they much concern about and that’s not going to change anytime soon.But maybe (hope so), with the Beckham existence in Los Angeles Galaxy, Beckham’s presence would be a boost to America’s soccer fortunes (perhaps a better improvement) where the English star is immensely popular and with the Beckham tag, that wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Since he is unable to get into the squads at Real Madrid or England (probably bcoz of his fading performance), moving to U.S may be the best option for him since once again he has proved that his marketability still can exceeds his talent on the field.Heh,good luck to u then..

10 years ago I love Man U bcoz of David Beckham and after all these while I realised that I don't give a damn whether he's in the club or not, I still love Man U..haha. My next and major concern is the match against the Gunners soon..huhu..

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Anonymous said...

quite agree with u..pele n george best(ex man utd player) did the same thing but not really succssful in US..but we;ll see whether Beckham can convert the Americans to the joys of proper football.-dan

ejoi said...

Tandukan Henry pada 10 minit terakhir perlawanan tersebut amat bermakna!

Mazliza~ Aja said...

adush not another Arsengal supporter..tak pe man u ttp akan trs berjuang!Glory glory!..;)

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