August 28, 2012

JM Boxing Day n Eid Mubarak..

How was your raya? Hope u had a blast one..:) Thought of crapping my experience going to the first boxing day ever in Malaysia on 16th August..yeah I went to the so called Jovian Mandagie's boxing day. Malaysia pun ada boxing day.Haha. Man, i never thought i would've done this. The craziest, I promise no more after this. I think I've been possessed by the extraordinary ghost from Jovian's in Ramadhan I felt soooo much fun spending $$$ on some clothes without feeling an ounce of guilt. Have foreseen the volume of crowd that might turn up, since this is a zerious business plus for other reasons (haha) we stayed at Concorde which is just a walking distance, across Shangri-La hotel,the venue of the event.

A day before i've been whatsapping Erny, a new friend I knew through FB/Instagram from Johor. She'd be staying in Concorde as well just for the JRTW (Jovian's Ready To Wear), so we planned to go for the mission together. Haha. Sahur at Concorde was around 11pm-4 am and guess what time we walked to Shangri-La...yups it was Erny's idea we had our sahur at 4 and getting ready to set off for JRTW minutes after. So semangat. The event even started at 8 am..Tsk. One of the rules at the boxing day is that only maximum total of 10 items allowed to be purchased per person and Erny tagged her husband along so her hubby can top up the purchase for her. Kudos!

Early morning with Erny, checking out the designs available..

When we arrived at Shangri-La's hall 10minutes later, there were a bunch of girls already there and some of them started queuing at 3am! (jaw dropped, siap bawak bantal).I thought we were the most early birds! .Haha. There were two type of lanes in the hall, the fast lane and the boxing lane. The fast lane is for those who already know their sizes (just fill in the form which JRTW u want and the sizes) and the boxing lane is for those who want to try (limited to 4 pieces to try at a time).We've purchased Jovian's before so we queued at the fast lane of cos.
the hall still empty... with other new friends I met, we were happy shopaholic mothers.Look at the girl who's texting, she was at the very front line, I wonder what time she came..

Fast lane...people at my back, the guys pun semangat ..

Boxing lane-boxing lane is rather packed..girls eagerly waiting to try their desired clothes (pic credit to JM FB)

At5-6 am the crowds getting bigger. Some brought McD and had their sahur at the hall.Lol. Nearly at 8 am everyone getting ready to stand up and join the proper queue. I was the sixth person on the line, handed over my shopping form and get all my JRTW before 9 o'clock. Phew, mission accomplished, what a relief I got all I wanted with extra pieces that i dont even have in mind at the first place . Ok not all are mine, I was extra kind helping friends to get their JRTW as well. But I feel sorry to those who still came as early as at 6.00 am didnt get the designs and the sizes they wanted. There were mostly taken by the earlier birds.;p

catch of the day..

I was rushing back to Concorde since my baby's waiting, and couldn't stay any longer for the appearance of Mr Designer himself about an hour later. But heard he's going to host Jovian Raya Open House for his fans. Good2..Everyone can go boria beramai2...

Now I think I have more than enough traditional clothes this year until Raya Haji or even next year..
(┰_┰) Mr Jov, when is Jezebel wanna come out???me want...ok *slap face*


Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin...:)

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cherie said...

whoaaa . raya sakan ngan JM taun ni:D ada kawan tu pun nk bli gak. tp mmg x smpat le org mcm g tgk konsert ramainye. kt zalora mmg dah abis saiz.

Dell said...

Hi..wah jeles.u got yg i nak seme cntik2.jachynta, janina jova...yela early bird gets the best worm.i smpai around 730 dh queue blakang2. seme design i nak takde my size.sold out.end up bli design lain :(.taun ni ramai la yg boria jovian..;)

~Serenity~ said...

muna- haha JM mania taunni. ntah bila nk pakai, baju yg ada pon x terpakai..mmg mcm konsert cuma takde artisje.tula zalora mmg cpt sold out cuma kdg takut jgk brg tak sampai, duit ambik, sbb byk yg dah kena..

Dell- hi. hehe.jova i mmg beli utk org, x beli utk sndiri pon. mmg ramai gilakan my turn pon jova xs n s almost sold out.ramai yg blakang2 x dpt. hehe, so far takde terserempak lg boria JM bersama fuh..;p

Zaihana Rahman said...

Aja..tadi dah komen panjang panjang pastu hilang..hish.. Its been a while since i got time to bloghopping. Wahh sakan raya nih.. untuk aidiladha ni beli tak..memang lawa lawa design nya..kome pakai Genie martino je raya ni :(

~Serenity~ said...

Miey- haha miey,beli sbb suka design die.pakai x abis lg. kalau yg couture tu kompem ribu riban.mksud miey gene martino.baju kurung die lawa2 apa kat semua house..utk aidiladha terjebak jgk tp will see later.skrg dah jd student balik kna pakai baju skolah salam kat muhammad ye..:D

Zaihana Rahman said...

A dia lawa lawa.. classy gitu.. Aja sambung study ke? sama sama jadi student balik ni..hehe..All the ebst then..hugs and kisses untuk Hana comel

~Serenity~ said...

aah..break skjp sambung study..hehe..okie dokie..same goes to u too!.:D

Anonymous said...

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