August 10, 2012

Blowing dust..

*Blow dusts. It has been 6 months since my last update. Wow what an achievement. The truth is I forgot my blogspot password. I changed it during my last post and heck, i just totally forgot about it and too lazy to ask for the password recovery.

Dunno what to update (*crickets sounds*)........

Oh hows your raya preparation. I think this year I splurged too much on seriously. Haven't collect my baju raya including Hana's yet from the tailor and really hate the fact that I bought some other clothes online. Like everyone knows that the designers like Rizalman and Jovian Mandagie produced an affordable range of ready to wear this year and I couldnt avoid the temptation.

They sell like hot cakes. Wishing I don't bump into people wearing the same exact design at the same time. But if it happens I dont care much. Pakai kat kampung jelah or perhaps ill be wearing them as my workwear. haha. Accidently bought 2 rizalmans and 4 Jovians. However had to let go two of 'em because of the wrong size. Zalora sucks big time, they sent me the wrong sizes twice.

This Jovian's Aviraya is such a phenomenon. Personally I think Jovian's design are much much more exclusive with attention to details especially the beadings compared to Rizalman.

Jovian has produced 3 batches with very affordable price before and it is a hype in town that he will release his final batch collections in Shang Ri-La this 16th. Early leave for raya taken but still contemplating whether or not to join the hype and the crowd on that particular day.

Now all i need is my boxing gloves...;p

Note to self: fokus Ibadah bulan Ramadhan tu dulu...wink

3 footprint(s):

nana said...

Please do update kalau pegi boxing day jovian. i wish i can go, tapi dah blk kg..:(

dura m. said...

pls reveal. Hikssss

~Serenity~ said...

nana- babe, i went..gilalah punya ramai manusia.kalau rajin akn update...;p

dura- haha..kt instagram tula...;p

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