February 21, 2010

Alone at home...

Alone at home today on Sunday and it sucks...confused hubby went for BTN since Thursday and he'll be away until tomorrow. And yes, he did left the car at the car park and asked me to drive it just in case I need to buy something to eat. No point at all coz I prefer forcing myself to cook or take a bus rather than driving. I never drive without having someone by my side coz everytime I go behind the wheel I would tremble with nerves and hesitate to push the gas. I think I suffer from some kind of unidentified driving phobia and wishing there's a medicine to overcome this so I can buy a car for myself with confidence..yeps.. cool

I was lucky enough bcoz my parents and siblings came on Friday, at least they were here to keep me company yesterday.

Oh, notice the new layout? I've done some make over to my blog, and I do love it especially the RSS dolly. Credit to Kak Emy for the make overs and able to 'layan' my fussiness.hehe.. Kak Emy is a talented, creative illustrator and graphic designer and I just love all her artworks. She designed cover illustration for most of A.Samad Said's books. If u want to see more of her creative design , u can go and check for her artworks and portfolios here.

I think I had to give the Taman Negara story a missed since I already put some pictures and captions in the facebook..hehe. But it was a blast coz I think i've overcome one of my fear factor, Acrophobia!- that is fear of heights.. mrgreen

I managed to overcome my fear by crossing the 50 metres height and 510 metres long canopy walkway. It was not easy u know,coz I could feel the bridge swings and my knees were shaking and trembling all the way...huhu. If u visit Taman Negara, your journey will not complete until u give this a shot...

the hanging ladder! gayat2..eek

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haundem said...

how about the quotation for this job (the layout?)? and sgt suka, comeyll as ever!:)

bestnye pegi taman negara!!

pagi ni naik bas ke? cmne nak tau jadual bas eh? kalau boleh mmg tak mau beli kereta,save duit and tidak menambah jumlah kesesakan kenderaan hihi (dh tu 5 min je dh smpai ofis:P

call dominos je kalau nak mkn hehe

~Serenity~ said...

syitah blh email kak emy for the quotation.die buat kje n reply email sgt cepat n sgt best deal ngan kak emy.:h:

best2.kita 1st time gi tmn negara even tmn negara tu dkt je ngan my hometown..hehe

jadual bas tak surela syitah.sbb bas from precint 9 sgt kerap, tak pnh tau pon jadual.kna tanye driver bas kat area syitah tu kot.mmg nak beli kete tapi sndiri pon takut nak bwk kete, sian kat kete tu nnti tak gerak2..camane tu...hehe

alamak kantoi..syitah cam tau jek.mmg call dominos je utk lunch smlm..;))

Nana said...

bestnya tmn negara!.mmg teringin nak gi tapi jauhla.beli kete ja, hrp2 it can be the starting point for u to drive. msti blh punyee..

cam biasa, always luv yr blog layout la, cute mute.;;)

wawa said...

nak dolly jugak!!:k:

Irin said...

love reading yr blog. do update more often ya.nice layout!how to make the emoticon comments like that ye..

~Serenity~ said...

nana- tq..dari kl tak la jauh sgt tmn negara tu...huhu. kalau ada kete mcm dlm cite knight rider tu best jugak. ddk je kat tmpt driver tu, tak yah drive, kete jln sndiri.hehe:p

wa- nak ke?boley2..

irin- hi..tq..oh yg emoticon tu tgk trick kat internet jugak.just edit yr layout coding.u can just google it..:)

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