November 20, 2009

A Hospital Visit...

I promised to crap something in the blog at least one entry per month. So before the time lapse since after this we’re going to celebrate AidilAdha, and while waiting for a colleague to buy me Mc Chicken for lunch since I’m so lazy to drag my legs to the café downstairs, I just push away all the files on the table and began to do something relaxing..yay time to blog…

Nak blog apa ye..ohh the first time I’ve been admitted to the ward. Yes, first time in my entire life. The experience was pretty scary. Last Friday morning I felt my stomach tensed up a lil bit I thought it was just a normal feeling when u're over 34 months of pregnancy. I just acted cool and later when I went to the café for breakfast with hubby, the stomach tensed up several times and at this time around it was starting to hurt really bad until I couldn’t think of anything else except just lying down the floor. I didn’t feel the urge to eat anything that morning n after I went back to the office I told my colleague about it n she contemplated me to call husband and just straight away go to the hospital for check up.

The pain was kicking me inside soo bad and when hubby drove me to the hospital I feel the journey is going to be forever. We arrived at the hospital, and I was brought to the labour room for examination. Upon some very uncomfortable check ups (especially when the doctor inserted her fingers in and put some liquid inside, boy it was sickening me! ) i've been told that i am already a centimeter dilated. I was like what?! Seriously I am only in the middle of 34 weeks and the baby must be kidding me. The doctor told me that it is a prime contraction and I need to stay at the labour room while the nurses put strapped around my belly which attached to the noisy thing called CTG or whatsoever to monitor the baby’s heartbeat.

Throughout the process they gave me a jab at the back to reduce the pain of the contraction and double jabs which they said to 'matangkan paru2 baby'. And believe me the second jab which was given at 3 am was super duper painful. To my surprise the doctor said that they are ready for pre-mature labour if the contraction continues and I have to stay overnight in the cold labour room while nurses kept came in and out of the room to check the CTG thingy and gave me some sort of oxygen gas. Hubby was allowed to enter the labour room for few times only and trust me sleeping in the labour room was no fun at all when u have to endure the voices of mommies screaming and gasping between the walls to let go humans off their bellies!

I am thankful enough coz the next day the pain quickly subsided and the contraction reduced to mild (but still 1cm dilated) and I was transferred to the ward for observation. Though I have to stay for another annoying night in the ward, I’m glad that the baby do understands that the time has yet to come for him to pop out. And I feel sorry for my family and family in laws, I think I made them worried and all I can say that the baby just want to have a ‘friendly’ visit to the hospital for 3 days n 2 nights.. =p

And now i am anxiously waiting for the rite time to arrive...+_+"

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kak lin said...

Alhamdulillah baby and u are fine. It's prem (premature) contraction not prime contraction. It's usually due to some infections e.g urinary tract infection/ vaginal infection. At last baby chose to wait till the real time arrives.

Nana said...

cess ja,entri sebulan skali apa kes..mmg yr baby buat suspen btol, aku nk pegi melawat pn tak sempat..heheh..
slamat menunggu dgn sabar.tadi dgr hot fm topik pasal org pregnant dgn beranak..mmg ngeri dowh..

best of luck..!!;)

~Serenity~ said...

kak lin- uh yup2 dats the term. prem bkn prime.
tp rsnya takde apa2 infection.doc suspek sbb terlalu aktif berjln..hmm agaknye kot.

how i wish someone will invent a device to check how much you're dilated in proper ways, not fingers ok!hehe...jgn marah doc.

nana- tq.aku dah suruh die behave next time.mmg takutla msk labour room.ada dgr sketje td topik kat hot fm tu..;)

mieyzaihana said...

haha..comelnye si kecik nak buat frenly visit ke hospital..patut la dua tiga hari ni asyik teringat kat aja, asyik sebut je aja dah bersalin ke belum ekk..
will inform u kalo ade gud news..:)

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