October 15, 2009

Mood swings....!

I'm not in the mood lately. I feel all the negative aura surrounding me and get sick of it.I hate when my boss ask me to do something and claim he/she asked me since I have legal background, so I know better. I hate whenever I'm about to sleep the baby inside kicking my tummy so that I'll change my sleeping position since he feels uncomfortable with it.I hate to see my bloated tummy in the mirror. I hate everything that I love before. My emotion is like a roller-coaster, I have mixed feelings almost about everything and don't know whom should I talk to. No one would listen or understand..I know it's not good so I read some articles about mood swings during pregnancy.They say its common, normal and can happen to even the smiliest of people. Among of the symptoms (especially the mood disorders) include:

• Feeling sad or depressed for more than two weeks
• Having strong anxieties and fears for more than a few days
• Having a decreased interest in usual activities
• Feeling worthless or guilty
• Not being able to sleep but feeling very tired
• Sleeping more than usual but not ever feeling rested
• Not wanting to eat
• Thinking about hurting yourself or your baby or wanting to be dead, or just not here anymore
• Having unexpected physical problems like chest pains or difficulty breathing

Ok, probably bcoz of those extra hormones at the moment, I do experience some of the above symptoms sometimes.I considered it as pregnancy blues.Relief.Hope it will go away soon.

I think one of the best way to overcome it is to shop baby essentials.We almost done with the shopping last week, the itsy-bitsy, basic stuff and only few more things to buy.

Oh, Happy Birthday to dear husband. I always love u to bits..;* MySpace

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Shellsea said...

pada pendapat aku pompuan preknen adalah sexy terutama yg dulu kecik, kini sudah buncit.haha.jgn marah puan.sekian.

EMZ said...

AJA.. somehow i think i understand what u r going through.. still wait till the baby pops out.. :) till then patience is a virtue.. nanti bile baby dah ada .. kiter calling-calling.. hahahha

~Serenity~ said...

shellsea-bumpy,definitely not sexy..what the...hehe

EMZ- yes mrs emma marina zubir...but mood swing dtg kejap2 je.Insya-Allah once the baby pop out kita leh hang out together2 while pushing the baby stroller in our hand...dreamy..haha.take care ye emma,few weeks to go.

shueyluweyduwey said...

omg aja.adakah aku pregnant because i have the symptoms.hahaha.see see.aku tak payah kahwin untuk ada pregnancy mood swings.=)

~Serenity~ said...

haha shuey.bahaya tuh.yours exceptional case.kalau revise balik yg kau nye symptom2 mcm ni adalah symptom nak naik pelamin.calon dah ada...hehe...

mieyzaihana said...

hai aja..
bile due? asyik tanya benda yang sama jek..hehe
take care:)

~Serenity~ said...

hai miey. due kononnye 20.12. tapi tak taula kalau kuar awl ke lmbat.seram gak ni..hehe.miey kalau dh ada jgn lupe inform ek..=p

wawa said...

oh yeah oh yeah nephew baru

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