June 20, 2008


I'm leaving the firm..i'm leaving all the bitter-sweet memories in here.My last day would be on Monday and after that i'm going to discover another new workload and definitely new environment..completely different..I'll be missing courts,court's friends, my boss etc etc.It's kind of sad when you're happy and quite satisfied with your life right now but you have to leave them for your own good.

A poem should be enough then..;)

I’m leaving soon
Needless to say that I'm going my very own way.
From this moment on
I make my own choices.
I knew I would not stay

But still, I thought time
Should have passed so slowly.
Another month,another years have gone.
Now I know I was wrong,
Wrong to wish
That it would end,
Possibly just blend.
Blend like the wind.
Can’t feel, cant see, cant be there.
And I wish it would still be with me.
Although it is,
But it isn’t the same.
Even if those memories make me sane.

Some place that cannot offer me anything anymore.
It’s done , over.
I’m in the process of crossing my own finish line.
I couldn’t be any happier.

This place is my belief.
The center of my mind.
Its why I am the way I am today.

Needless to say,
I am sad... But so proud.
I’m going my own way. =)

Finger crossed and wish me luck..^_^

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Sasha Lyna said...

woit,aku br tau dr zaza, aliza n ayu yg ko akn jd org gomen x lame lg..apa da..traitor..hahaha..good luck p kursus nnt..update la experience ko dlm blog ker da jd confidential plak nnt..hihihi..
jar, aku da ade blog baru..http://www.purplesasha.blogspot.com

Dura said...

jajaja...aku akan rindu bangat kat kau.jgn sombong tau..dah heboh satu ct kau nak blah..huhuhu.pape,keep in touch.ok!

Shellsea said...

selamat menempuh kursus 3 bulan...haha..;)

hida said...

Makin kurgla org2 yg aku nak lepak kat cts..sob..sob

Mazliza~ Aja said...

sasha-xde bezala sha.nnti aku update kat cni..will visit yr blog later..;)

dura-aku pon rindu kat ko..calling2 la...

Shellsea-waa..nak balik..3 bln sampai bln pose..

hida-aku pon rindu kat bdk2 kat ct..nnti kita lepak..;)

merapu said...

go go go go red devils...

pipiyapong said...

nak blah mana pulak weh?

Mazliza~ Aja said...

merapu-yeps..red devil masih relevan lagi eventho si ronaldo buat hal..huhuh

pipi-tak gi mana2 ubah angin keje lain lak..

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