February 18, 2008

When Devil bounce back...

Nani in his somersault style..

4-0?The Devil was not so evil to extend another goal towards the Gunners and the forth goal from Fletcher at the 74 minutes of the game was just enough... it's ok if we lost to Man City last week cos we have mended the broken heart and demolished the league leader's hopes in the FA Cup...a sweeet revenge..;) just enough...

All i can say..it was a humiliating defeat for the championship rivals to lost 4 nil with Man U when they are five point lead at the top of the premier league ..:)

Perhaps there is a long way to go and hope United get a physiological advantage from this victory in the next games remaining.

...and hope the Ac Milan don't sprinkles too much salt into the Gunner's wounds in the next Champion League match.hehe..

And I wanna sing:
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
And the reds go marching on, on, on.


2 footprint(s):

Shellsea said...

nyampah betul aku dgn anak rusa NANI yg baru kembang ekor ni..

aku dah agak ini mmg saat2 yang ditunggu2 oleh orang2 man u.aku rasa skang the kop ngn gunners tgh berkabungla.lepas ni sambung berkabung lagi kalau kalah ngan 2 team Milan tu.hahaha..

quarter final FA, chelsea jumpa ngan si reban Barnsley la...aisehhh

camane nak nyanyi lagu man united tu?

Mazliza~ Aja said...

bukan calang2 org blh buat aksi mcm nani tu..

kop dah mng, gunners seri tnpa gol..baru 1st leg.elokla che jmpe barnsley drpd jmpe man u..haha

lagutu kena nyanyi dgn penuh semangat ..hanya pure man u supporters je yg tau..=p

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