October 07, 2006


Friday,6th Oct 06-huhu.. dis morning was really a bad morning for me.Can u imagine the most useful public transport (ever?) that i used to step in n out was actually broken down when i really need it. I seriously dont mind if it want to 'buat hal' yesterday or the day b4 but on Friday when i desperately need to rush to court was not appropriate time to do so. The train stucked from jelatek to keramat(if i'm not mistaken), affecting other trains n the person in charge announced that it only be fixed an hour later. The LRT station was full of worried, tension n 'gelabah' faces.And guess what the problem prolonged until evening.
Anyway thank God I met my friend Aliza there (almost in tears) who happened to call her dad and immediately fetch us to court.At least i prefer to stuck in jam in Aliza's car rather than to wait n anticipate for the train to be arrive on time.

-..huhu..now i'm thinking of having my own car..hmm

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