May 24, 2011

Little Update...

For quite sometime after my last entry ( Wordless Wednesday can be considered an entry,no) I didn’t feel like saying, share or express anything. Finally have time to sit down and update my little blog. Having a baby with a cough and runny nose is heartbreaking. My baby Hana got this some sort of dry cough and her incessant cough wakes her up every few minutes in a wee hour. She will cry and cough for a bit, then settle back down, only to wake up again coughing. Even after I breastfed her, everything would just come out again and we had to deal with fountains of vomit especially during the night. I tried everything to make her feel comfortable. She does not have a fever but a blocking nose and really hate it everytime hubby use that big suction bulb to get rid of the congested nostrils.

We took her to Annur Specialist on Friday to see the baby doctor and was given 3 prescriptions for cough and runny nose. Poor little Hana had to taste the yucky medicine, but no, I didnt gave her all the prescriptions. I am too worried that the medicine might harm my 3 month old baby. I dont really blame the erratic weather but possibly the apparent reason is she got it from the babysitter's house. The babysitter has a 6 month old baby with runny nose, she babysit Hana and surprisingly she took another 3 month old baby. I don't think she can handle 3 babies at one time though she try to convince me so, I'm gonna change Hana's baby sitter next month. Someone who doesn't have little baby.Yeah, I'm a fussy mother.

Pictorial update..hehe. Last Sunday I attended my cousin's son aqiqah, baby Adam Faris .My cousin's Kak ya was blessed with baby boy. Finally a boy after two girls. Some of the pics:

pretty decorated cradle

introducing, Adam Faris

with Adam's adorable sisters, Nurin n Humaira


desserts station for the sweet tooth

goodies for the guests..

excuse the peace sign..i know its lame ;p

with Adam's mommy

the tired baby..

~ Dear weekend please come fast..wink

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Nana said...

luv the pics! and u look slim as ever , hot momma.kalah aku yg still single ni..huhuh. peluk cium utk hana!!

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