July 22, 2009


Hi blog. Sorry for being absent for quite a while as I was busy with other stuff. Workloads, files, holidays, checking out websites for baby stuff n mommies, shopping, yada yada. heh. I am quite free for a moment so doing some blogging business during office hour is not a crime. rite. I am just crossing over 17 weeks pregnant, and so far I'm doing pretty fine with it. The good thing is, like normal pregnant lady i still don't have any major headaches or nauseated feelings except I puke everytime i brush my teeth and pee a lot.haha.

Besides i noticed I'm quite a spendthrift lately, i will do some online shopping and get myself some perfumes or eyeing and bidding some bags like nobody business. Is that a sign of being craving or what since 'preggy' used to crave for food. Like last week i have ordered this tote bag online and almost digging my purse for it. And I'm not a big fan of Coach at all.Ouch.

I emailed the seller that I will make the payment after I got back from Langkawi and I am relieved I canceled the order since right after arriving from Langkawi me n husband rushed to Low Yatt to grab ourselves this stuff since we couldn't find any of this in Langkawi with a good price. So Langkawi is not a total duty free land actually.

We planned to buy Nikon D90 at the first place but eventually after being 'poisoned' by the promoter we opted to buy this latest brand new Canon EOS 500D kit and additional macro lens since it's smaller in size, lighter and comes with 15.1 MP sensor.

So there goes my pocket money and after using my sane and prudent consideration I think I let go the bag first at least for this month.hehe..

Well, can't wait to know the gender of the baby ( still early though) since baby stuff are just soo cute to resist! ;)

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Anonymous said...

wah..dslr canon.dis one's the latest from canon.dis cam pun dah beat nikon D5000. i pun teringin jugak dis cam, tetapi memandangkan budget blom cukup utk memilikinya, terpksa tunggu 2,3 bulan lagi.

anyway selamat menembak(shooting).;)


Nana said...

tahap rajin nak updet blog dah dtg balik eh..

aku survey bonnie bag tu kat pavi.wey it cost more than 2K.tapi i love the cute details.yg timbul2 tu.nasib slr mnjadi penyelamat kan aja,kalau tak dah trbang duit hanya utk sebuah beg..coach?.

tapi believe me itu adalah mengidam,so sabar dan tahanla..=p

hope the baby doin ok..xoxo

Caffeine Addict said...

giler scary craving kau Aja!!!
This month camera, next month coach, on top of that there's cute baby stuff some more.
Phew, cannot imagine apa lagi yang kau crave lepas tu.. hmm...

neway, take care mommy!!
sayang tak dapat lunch dgn kau before i left putrajaya. but never mind, kejap je... nanti aku dtg balik kita lunch kat alamanda kay ;p

~Serenity~ said...

Mia- beli jgn tak beli..hehe

Nana- huhu..i know, tapi dah insaf kejap nih..baby doin ok2..;)

Ayu- Ayu! i will miss u lots..blajar rajin2 di NU n take care k..x kira, ko mmg wajib lunch ngan aku coz buku mr darcy kau masih denganku..muhahaha...(gelak evil).

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