January 19, 2008


..caught 'glimpse' of some VIP's around court lately due to the VK Lingam's hot video inquiry.I didnt follow the whole inquiry and didnt give a damn about it..!only think it just another pleasant entertainment for the Malaysian as they await for the General Election..heh

Responding to Afzan's blog,I'm putting this.

Listen to the rap..correct,correct..can be the best selling album by a hot lawyer in town..haha..

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...but I digress said...

serious dalam msian bar web pun ada..tunggu masa je all these ppl saman...hahahahhahah..malu giel!

Nana said...

haha,gile terer org ni buat remix words correct tu.well aja,aku rs die tu patot ngaku je mcm dr choy soi lek tu.abeh cite..

Anonymous said...

he's a lawyer.whatever happens he'll never admit it.and in today paper,he claimed that he was drunk and didnt know whom he was talking to on the phone.
the nature of the cases are differnt.in dr chua's case, it involves morality,he admit it,the public punished him.this lingam's case,if he admit,he'll be dead meat.the law will punish him.
just droppin' by..i enjoy the correct rap..cheers

Mazliza~ Aja said...

haha..correct2..can considered as a self-defence after all..
ntah bile nak abis dorang ni..

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