September 04, 2007

Wake me up when September ends...

Sorry blog, I totally neglected you and didn't feel the slightest inclination whatsoever to update you. It was only when someone mentioned about it, I begin to think of you..hehe..Hmm rambling thoughts for today...Oh yes, few weeks ago I've tendered my one month resignation notice to my boss..Looking at my straight face when I expressed my intention,he was a little bit shocked about it,almost jumped off his seat...and definitely I got a very long and thorough lecture from him which can be easily forgotten since I didnt even listen to what he said, and didnt install a single word from him in my head.

He asked me to have a second thought, but I just couldn't give a damn about it anymore..He may think I'm pretty selfish person and others may question my credibility, my certainty towards something by jumping firm to another or whatsoever but I dont feel any guilt in my mind for that and just want to get out of the firm as soon as possible.It's a normal practise or custom to the firm, lawyers come and go, so I'm positively sure he can find another lawyer who can follow the firm's ridiculous way after all..huhuh.

Sadly,I totally couldn't get any work done for today and just felt like surfing the net all day long for e.g finding another firm and blogging...Besides doing my normal works to the firm,I'm counting days to say goodbye..When September ends..I'm free...tada..;) Oh and today my mum's birthday,Happy 50th Birthday umi..

MOOD: HAKUNA MATATA and hakuna matata means no worries..!!oh yeah..

Pray as if it will be your last prayer, Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt before and Dance like nobody is watching..err whatever..

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Anonymous said...

hurah aja!bravo..krn berjaya memberanikan diri untuk memblahkan diri dari firm tu..hehehe

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