October 10, 2012

Back to school..

It's been a month now since I put on the 'student cap', after almost 6 years leaving the student life... I hope my brain is still well functioning. Hello assignments! Hello presentation!You might wonder what course i take..nop its definitely not Law!!I have enough legal terms and law cases. As time passed by, it doesn't interest me anymore, Thank you. So after several thoughts I said, lets take fashion!.. Yeah I lie..-_-

Dear God please let me get through this... (staring blankly at the journals and list of assignments that need to be taking care of..)

August 28, 2012

JM Boxing Day n Eid Mubarak..

How was your raya? Hope u had a blast one..:) Thought of crapping my experience going to the first boxing day ever in Malaysia on 16th August..yeah I went to the so called Jovian Mandagie's boxing day. Malaysia pun ada boxing day.Haha. Man, i never thought i would've done this. The craziest, I promise no more after this. I think I've been possessed by the extraordinary ghost from Jovian's in Ramadhan I felt soooo much fun spending $$$ on some clothes without feeling an ounce of guilt. Have foreseen the volume of crowd that might turn up, since this is a zerious business plus for other reasons (haha) we stayed at Concorde which is just a walking distance, across Shangri-La hotel,the venue of the event.

A day before i've been whatsapping Erny, a new friend I knew through FB/Instagram from Johor. She'd be staying in Concorde as well just for the JRTW (Jovian's Ready To Wear), so we planned to go for the mission together. Haha. Sahur at Concorde was around 11pm-4 am and guess what time we walked to Shangri-La...yups it was Erny's idea we had our sahur at 4 and getting ready to set off for JRTW minutes after. So semangat. The event even started at 8 am..Tsk. One of the rules at the boxing day is that only maximum total of 10 items allowed to be purchased per person and Erny tagged her husband along so her hubby can top up the purchase for her. Kudos!

Early morning with Erny, checking out the designs available..

When we arrived at Shangri-La's hall 10minutes later, there were a bunch of girls already there and some of them started queuing at 3am! (jaw dropped, siap bawak bantal).I thought we were the most early birds! .Haha. There were two type of lanes in the hall, the fast lane and the boxing lane. The fast lane is for those who already know their sizes (just fill in the form which JRTW u want and the sizes) and the boxing lane is for those who want to try (limited to 4 pieces to try at a time).We've purchased Jovian's before so we queued at the fast lane of cos.
the hall still empty... with other new friends I met, we were happy shopaholic mothers.Look at the girl who's texting, she was at the very front line, I wonder what time she came..

Fast lane...people at my back, the guys pun semangat ..

Boxing lane-boxing lane is rather packed..girls eagerly waiting to try their desired clothes (pic credit to JM FB)

At5-6 am the crowds getting bigger. Some brought McD and had their sahur at the hall.Lol. Nearly at 8 am everyone getting ready to stand up and join the proper queue. I was the sixth person on the line, handed over my shopping form and get all my JRTW before 9 o'clock. Phew, mission accomplished, what a relief I got all I wanted with extra pieces that i dont even have in mind at the first place . Ok not all are mine, I was extra kind helping friends to get their JRTW as well. But I feel sorry to those who still came as early as at 6.00 am didnt get the designs and the sizes they wanted. There were mostly taken by the earlier birds.;p

catch of the day..

I was rushing back to Concorde since my baby's waiting, and couldn't stay any longer for the appearance of Mr Designer himself about an hour later. But heard he's going to host Jovian Raya Open House for his fans. Good2..Everyone can go boria beramai2...

Now I think I have more than enough traditional clothes this year until Raya Haji or even next year..
(┰_┰)..eh Mr Jov, when is Jezebel wanna come out???me want...ok *slap face*


Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin...:)

August 10, 2012

Blowing dust..

*Blow dusts. It has been 6 months since my last update. Wow what an achievement. The truth is I forgot my blogspot password. I changed it during my last post and heck, i just totally forgot about it and too lazy to ask for the password recovery.

Dunno what to update (*crickets sounds*)........

Oh hows your raya preparation. I think this year I splurged too much on clothing..like seriously. Haven't collect my baju raya including Hana's yet from the tailor and really hate the fact that I bought some other clothes online. Like everyone knows that the designers like Rizalman and Jovian Mandagie produced an affordable range of ready to wear this year and I couldnt avoid the temptation.

They sell like hot cakes. Wishing I don't bump into people wearing the same exact design at the same time. But if it happens I dont care much. Pakai kat kampung jelah or perhaps ill be wearing them as my workwear. haha. Accidently bought 2 rizalmans and 4 Jovians. However had to let go two of 'em because of the wrong size. Zalora sucks big time, they sent me the wrong sizes twice.

This Jovian's Aviraya is such a phenomenon. Personally I think Jovian's design are much much more exclusive with attention to details especially the beadings compared to Rizalman.

Jovian has produced 3 batches with very affordable price before and it is a hype in town that he will release his final batch collections in Shang Ri-La this 16th. Early leave for raya taken but still contemplating whether or not to join the hype and the crowd on that particular day.

Now all i need is my boxing gloves...;p

Note to self: fokus Ibadah bulan Ramadhan tu dulu...wink

February 08, 2012

She is ONE!

A baby girl brings sunshine to brighten your day.
A baby girl brings joy through her loving ways.
A baby girl is a blessing that comes from above.
A special and beautiful treasure to love. -Unknown-



My baby Hana officially turned one today and Alhamdulillah until this point of time though it's not easy, I am happy that she is still growing fully on mommy's milk without dairy formula substitutes. How can such a little person have such a big effect in such a little amount of time and I can’t believe how she has evolved from a very teeny tiny infant to a sweet little princess. It's amazing how much she has transformed from a baby into nearly a toddler and the next thing before i knew it, she will be getting married.huhu. ok chill, she just got one year older.;p

We had celebrated her birthday few days earlier. My initial plan is to throw an elaborate party at home but since we hardly have time to do it I just scrapped off the idea and go for a cozy little party instead. She may be just a year old and hardly cares about birthdays now, but the first birthday is more about the parents surviving the first year, so perhaps a simple celebration will do. Since my close colleague is expecting her first child, we decided to have a combo celebration - birthday n baby shower.

We got Hana a small yummylicious Baskin Robbins's ice-cream cake and sang her Happy Birthday.

sorry baby, that cake is too cold and too sweet for u. just let us the adults eat...

Happy Birthday sunshine, I know u won't be little forever but please don't grow up so fast..Mama sooo in love with you...!

December 19, 2011

Hello December.

Ok where should I start. I've promised to update at least once a month but I barely have time to sit properly and throw something in this little space of mine. I can’t help it since I've other priorities to be straightened out. Life has been pretty hectic with workloads in the office (the new boss zeriously driving me kerazyyy..!) and motherhood keeps me busy especially when u have fully breastfed baby and most of the time she needs me for her milk supply as I need her too to avoid breast engorgement.

Not much to blog about just on Hana's development .Btw my baby turned 10 months recently. She's now expert in crawling around the house, pulling herself up to standing that still need extra vigilance, climbing the stairs and cruising the furniture. She loves to cruise along the furniture we had to sell our teak sofa sets since they got sharp edges that may create hazards to Hana. Ok, that justified reason to buy a new one.hehe.

Part of the sofa set that were sold within 3 days after hubby advertised em in mudah.my. so mudah..Just ignore the little explorer behind the sofa ;p

Hana is 10 months ...

On a different note, went to office annual dinner last Friday night. Didn't get the chance to join the dinner last year since I was expecting Hana. The theme was glamorous night, I seriously have no idea on what to wear but thanks to FashionValet, their Radzwan Radziwil's kaftan caught my eyes although I need to cut em off for a good 6 inches..;p Go check their website, feast your eyes and itchy hands clicking their lines of local and designer's brands.

Basically the night was filled with laughters, karaoke, food and camwhoring. There were nominees like the best dress, the most masculine etc like an Oscar. I cant believe was dragged on the stage by colleagues and sang our discordant version of Untukmu, Feminin. Yeah like those old days...And thanks to hubby for taking care of Hana on that particular night..You're simply the best..;D

And for now, the bed is calling...:)

October 12, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday-When Hana Froyoing..

Sorry blog, no ample time to update lately.Btw Hana turns 8 months already, how time flies. Here's Hana pics froyoing last weekend. No I never give her frozen yogurt like this before, this is her first time tasting something cold and sugary. A very little amount, hujung sudu je. (though I heard yogurt is a great source of protein for babies..).

bosannya..asyik org besar je yang makan..

rasa sikit boleh..

om nom nom...


wink ...

September 18, 2011

Bon Voyage

My brother Anim going off to London to study so he will obviously be dearly missed. Yesterday early in the morning we were at the airport to bid him farewell. He did his A Level in Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) and now going to further his study to London School of Economics (LSE) under Bank Negara scholarship. Sometimes i get confused with this guy. After committing his brain for the good 5 years of his life in science stream class and got a good SPM result he changed his mind to further study in accounting+finance+economics whateverr just to be in one of the top university in the heart of London. Gah. I would rather memorize thousands of law cases rather than to study numbers in accounts and economics even I got A one for economics in SPM..Oh forgot my Math result was sucks.haha. But thinking that he's going to be bonded and work with Bank Negara I guess its not a silly choice after all, BNM pays really well, salary and bonus. Is it? This guy is such a nerd so i feel confident he will survive in LSE eventually.

melantak banana choc SR takut x dpt rasa kat sana dah..huhuh..

his KTJ juniors semangat datang hantar..

everything checked!

ok babai..

As happy as we are seeing him furhering his studies, we are worried about his well being there. I hope he can catch up with the life there fast and easy.

So Anim, good luck in your study and dont play2 and remember for God sake the scholarship offered by BNM is our money too.Please use the DSLR that Abah bought wisely i.e. taking pictures of any good bargain handbags since u're going to be my new shopper ...haha. Remember Allah is watching u and please study extra hard. Ada rezeki kitorang datang melawat.

has landed London safely..siap sambut ngan banner..

* Oh, Selamat Hari Malaysia (belated)...mrgreen

September 08, 2011

Post raya 2011...

Nothing much to update on. Wow time sure does fly in a jiffy when u're in your best mood. Suddenly Ramadhan is over, raya holiday was like a dream and now u're at the office, back to reality with files and bosses chasing your butt.. But true, I still wanna enjoy my raya holiday. I dunno while I hate office so much these days, negative aura here and there, 3 days of working after raya holiday is like 3 weeks already. I wanted to resign and become a housewife , taking care of Hana. But thinking that I don't have extra talent like making fancy cupcakes or sewing for extra side income, better put that daydream aside. hahah. duh,cant wait for weekend.

Still in the month of Syawal, its never too late to wish everyone who stumble upon this blog Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Overall I had great time spending raya be it at in laws (first n 2nd raya) and at parents house the following days. It was awesome since this is my first raya as a mommy!Raya was truly much much fun with Hana around, excited to doll her up, guess raya holidays were too short she didn't manage to get fashion up with all her new raya outfit. Its ok then, raya kan sebulan.;p

random pic..

First raya 'bertiga'.

Hana Sofea in her first baju kurung..control ayu

alamak nampak nappy, hilang ayu dah..

I wish i was a kid, so I can collect packets money like a cashier machine. Jealous.

Never get tired of raya dishes. Thinking where to go for raya this weekend.mrgreen
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